CWEA's 2020 Strategic Plan Continuously updated

Protecting our water environment through education, certification, and advocacy.
Since 1928, CWEA members have protected California's clean water.


Increase the effectiveness of water environment professionals through: Education, Certification and Promotion of sound policies to benefit society by protecting the water environment.

Collection System professionals with the Long Beach Water Department


Californians will benefit from sustainable, high-quality water resources

  1. Developing interest in the water profession
  2. Increasing the awareness of the finite water supply
  3. Increasing sustainable practices in the water sector
  4. Increasing public support for initiatives that promote quality supply and availability.
Our core values: Professionalism, Community & Leadership

GOAL #2 (top priority)

Members will become experts and leaders while enjoying rewarding water careers

  1. Increase the number and effectiveness of instructors and training materials
  2. Increase the number of training events and locations
  3. Increase certificants’ understanding of the certification path and exam
10,400 members. Over 5,000 people hold a CWEA certification.

GOAL #3 (top priority)

Agencies and firms will value CWEA as an essential partner in achieving their mission

  1. Increasing understanding of agency and firms’ mission-critical needs
  2. Increasing agency and firms’ support of CWEA membership
  3. Increase the value of certification and membership
CWEA offers hundreds of educational opportunities at 3 major conferences and at regional workshops hosted by our 17 local sections.


Regulators will value the expertise of CWEA as a trusted partner

  1. Increasing awareness of implementation costs on regulated community
  2. Highlighting the sound science behind the regulations
  3. More meaningful and understandable communication of science
  4. Reducing negative public perceptions and pressures that result in the development of reactionary regulations
  5. Increase the technical resources available to regulators
CWEA ~ Protecting the environment through education and certification.


Sustainable water resources will be recognized by the public as valuable and worthy of investment

  1. Increasing public understanding of the value of long-term integrated water planning
  2. Increase the funding for water resources
CWEA Annual Conference 2019 in Palm Springs

Join us on our mission to protect the water environment through education, certification & advocacy.

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