Brazil Government

Island of the Cross, Brazil

Like the United States, Brazil does have a presidential system. In 1889 they had their first president, Deodoro Da Fonseca. He was the one who lead a group of people, who desired rights and freedoms. The monarchy was overthrowned by this great number of people. Then the government organization began. Since 1889 the country had several forms of government such as autonomy, centralization, authoritarianism and democracy. Autonomy means the right of self-government, a self governing country or region. Centralization means the concentration of control of an activity or organization under a single authority. (Ex. President, Governor and/or etc.) Authoritarianism means the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. Finally Democracy, what does that mean? Democracy is the control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.

In 1500 Portuguese landed and crowned the land they were on as their own. In 1822 the son of the recent Portuguese king declared independence and crowned himself Peter I, Emperor of Brazil. Then in 1888 Slavery was abolished. Large influx of European immigrants over in the next decade. Then in 1889 Monarchy was overthrown by the federal republicans, They established with central government controlled by coffee interests. Brazil produces 65% of world's coffee by 1902. By 1930 Revolt places Getulio Vargas at head of provisional revolutionary government. 1937, Vargas leads coup, rules as dictator with military backing. Economy placed under authoritarian state control, start of social welfare revolution and reform of laws governing industry. In 1939 Brazil declared itself neutral but in 1943, Brazil joins allies in World War II. Finally in 1988 new constitution reduces presidential powers.

Brazil's symbol; Flag

The new type of government that was placed was Presidential Federal Republic. Presidential Federal Republic is a type of government made up of smaller areas where the central government needs certain powers to the individual areas for self-government purposes. The citizens of the federal republic elect their own representatives to lead them.


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