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Writing powerful fiction is about far more than committing words to paper, it's about putting heart and soul into your writing and utilising all of the creative techniques so as to bring your story to life.

Are you ready to accelerate your skills to a whole new level of expertise?

Whether you wish to improve your ability to create colourful and vibrantly real characters or, to improve the flow of dialogue or be able to pace your fiction keeping readers hanging onto every word......we can help.

Fiction Masterclass

If you struggle to generate powerful story-lines or find it difficult to pace your plot, or, to craft vividly descriptive scenes, we can help. If emotional or passionate scenes fail to engage or your story meanders instead of getting to the point, we can help.

The Fiction Masterclass - The Perfect Way to Hone Your Craft

Sign up and we send you numerous tips, presentations and PDF's each day so you can start bringing your fictional content to life. The information within forms a series of instructional how to's that when pieced together will help you to improve your craft and you'll learn how to write and think like a top writer.

Pay just $9.95 for your 10 day writing program if you sign-up before April 25th but be quick, book your place now. The Fiction Masterclass is usually priced at $31.98

For more details and to book your place, click the link below.

The Fiction Masterclass is a part of The Creative Competitor and backed by Creative1 Publishing. Full support is provided throughout the training program by author, editor and professional writing tutor Annette Young.

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