The Only Thing to Fear

Author: Caroline Tung Richmond

The Nazis won the war. After having unleashed their anomalies, soldiers with super-human abilities, the allied forces quickly surrendered. Even the United States Manhattan Project atomic bombs could not stop the German super soldiers. Now, with the resistance all but crippled, Zara, a peasant and illegal anomaly, a crime for which she would be arrested, dissected, and then killed, faces a decision which may either help the resistance and be the means to an end of the Nazi regime, or completely wipe the resistance out.

Zara St. James lost her mother at a young age. She now lives with her Uncle Redmond who is a part of the resistance. During a resistance operation to cripple a Nazi fortress, which was uncovered by the Germans, her mother was killed. Now, as she works at the nearby Fort Goering, a Nazi military base, which is run by the man who killed her mother, Colonel Eckhart, she finds she may have a strange ally. This ally is Bastian. Bastian Eckhart, the son of the man who killed Annie St. James. Zara's mother.

Overall I like the book despite it being sluggish at times.

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