Living with Parkinson's Disorder

Michael J Fox was diagnosed with parkinson disease in 1991

He was 29 years old and a very well known actor. being told he had Parkinson's was the last thing he was expecting to hear at the time.

The first symptoms that he experienced were a twitch in his pinkie, that he thought was maybe from hurting his shoulder in a stunt while filming. the doctor told him that the twitch was due to parkinson's disease, and not from injuring his shoulder. but the good news was that he had 10 years left to be able to work from the time that he was diagnosed.

An MRI was used to help diagnose Michael along with just studying his medical history. The results of both the MRI and his medical history and symptoms both concluded that he indeed had Parkinson's

As his disease continued to progress, his symptoms would progressively worsen. his tremors would become greater, and living out his normal every day life would be hard, not to mention living out his career acting.

As his tremors worsened he was unable to continue his career in acting. Now he has created a foundation to help insure a cure for Parkinson's and is helping people deal and cope with having Parkinson's.

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