A Night to Remember BY: ALlison vana

Prom this year was sure a night to remember! Many wonder what goes into the prom experience. For several groups, dinner and pictures are an element that is worked into their night. Other groups focus more attention on their activities after the dance. While each person’s ideal prom experience is unique and special, I collected a series of photos from my night to show my personal take on why prom will always be a special event to me and why Mercy’s prom is so special.

Elyse Sweikert’s hair for prom.

Hair is an important part of getting ready for prom. Some girls chose to get their hair done professionally, some get help from family and friends, and others were confident to do it all by themselves. Whichever way Mercy girls chose to get their hair done, all of the students looked beautiful on prom night.

Olivia Stoffel posing after her date finally found a parking spot downtown.

The next step is getting your group to their location for pictures. Groups went all over Omaha to get pictures taken this prom. Lakes, Boys Town, and downtown were all popular spots to get pictures taken this year.

My group’s dates on the stairs downtown.

Getting pictures taken is an essential part of prom. Getting your dates to pose for pictures is also quite the process. Fortunately, our dates were up to the challenge of taking fun pictures with us.

Lia Rose Reckmyer and her date putting posing with Joe’s boutonnier.

The next essential part of prom is exchanging corsages and boutonnieres with the date. While many Mercy girls chose to go to prom alone, the ones who took the dates did a wonderful job putting their dates boutonniere on. This is also a wonderful way to get candid pictures to post for the girls.

Olivia Stoffel and her boyfriend at dinner.

Dinner is one of my personal favorite parts of the night. Groups typically go out to more upscale places depending on how much time and money they are willing to spend. Mercy groups also had to keep in mind the fry bar at prom when considering how much food they were ordering.

Seniors Olivia Stoffel and Catie Tangeman posing at prom.

Prom itself was a big success. The music, food, and photobooth made the night more enjoyable, however the real fun was dancing like crazy and taking tons of pictures with friends.

Pictures from the photo booth.

At prom, the photobooth was a big crowdpleaser. Many students took several pictures with their friends, making this one night to remember.

My prom group at Villiage Inn.

After prom, many groups tended to go out again to spend more time together. Since prom is only one night, many people wanted to make the most out of it. Going to places like Village Inn and friend’s houses were very popular. Overall, prom was an amazing experience. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful night! Thanks to the sponsors who made this night a success!

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