CSU + Adobe Advisory Council November 12, 2020

Partnership Highlights

  • $230k in funding from Adobe towards curriculum enhancement
  • 31 projects from 13 different campuses awarded Adobe curriculum grants
  • 33 CSU interns recently hired at Adobe
  • 99 recent graduates hired at Adobe since 2018
  • 3 Adobe Education Leaders + 3 Adobe Student Ambassadors
  • SDSU hosted Creative Campus event, 150 attendees, 55 institutions, keynote from SDSU President
  • Over 150 faculty attended CSU Adobe Digital Literacy Summits
  • Over 1200 CSU students have competed in Adobe Creative Jams
  • $5,525 in cash prizes awarded to CSU students in Creative Jams
  • Over $50k in CSU Conference sponsorship

Activities Across the System

San Diego State, San Jose State and CSU Fullerton are designated as distinguished Adobe Creative Campus institutions, providing the Creative Cloud to all faculty, staff and students for free, driving campus-wide adoption and integrating digital literacy into their curriculum.

From Political Science, SociologyChemistry, Nursing to Ethnic Studies, the Adobe Creative Cloud is being authentically integrated across the CSU curriculum.

Council Goals

  • Identify cross-campus needs for support, information, resources
  • Champion success stories, system-wide
  • Bridge communication, both internally and back to Adobe leadership
  • Provide guidance on system-wide initiatives, curriculum pilots and incentives
  • Increase visibility into user experiences as they relate to policy and implementation

Some campuses are charging students for Creative Cloud

  • Fresno State, $35/year
  • Cal Poly SLO, $29.99/year
  • Stanislaus, $25/year
  • Bakersfield, $20/year
  • Long Beach, $20/year
  • Pomona, $30/year
  • Los Angeles, $14.99/year

Creative Cloud Offers Critical Skills for Students

  • Healthcare: Medical imaging + analysis
  • Engineering: Prototyping, UI design, 3D printing, technical documentation
  • Business: Presentations, retail design, data viz
  • Marketing: Print + web publishing, social media campaigns, analytics
  • Legal: Digital documentation, eSignatures, security videos, crime scene reconstruction, age progression

CSU Grads are Landing Jobs Beyond Design

  • Data Design Specialist
  • Research Associate
  • Web Developer
  • Web Accessibility Manager
  • Software QA Anaylst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Public Information Specialist
  • Brand Strategist
  • Product Designer
  • Technical Writer
  • UX Designer
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Digital Visual Designer
  • Marketing Coordinator

Partnership with Adobe has better prepared CSU for the new distance learning landscape

Curated collection of distance learning resources on Adobe Education Exchange

7 CSU faculty members attended the inaugural Adobe Summer Faculty Institute in June 2020.

CSU students attended the Adobe Career Jam in October 2020.

CSU Adobe Student Ambassadors

Moving from Creative Club Network to a more strategic role

  • Liaison with system-wide student government
  • Communication strategy + newsletter
  • Awareness events/webinars
  • Adoption strategies
  • Serve as student voice on advisory council

Marketing Strategies

Each campus has received customized printed posters and fliers, along with digital assets

San Diego State has been exemplary with on-campus field marketing. The Adobe Team worked with SDSU leadership on a new Back to School strategy, which included a message sent to all current students from CIO Jerry Sheehan, and Adobe-related digital signage around the campus, including ads in high traffic areas like the dorms and cafeterias. We also partnered with the orientation team and had Adobe cards and swag delivered to every single dorm room, so that all 5k incoming freshmen are aware of the Creative Cloud offering. In the first 2 weeks of the campaign, student downloads increased 132%.

On-campus marketing at San Diego State

CSU Long Beach also led a robust and successful Back to School marketing campaign, which has already resulted in them surpassing their yearly student adoption target by 163%. We have been working with their newly-appointed Director of Technology Support Services, Sheryl Hathaway, to expand marketing strategies. This multi-pronged approach has included a partnership with orientation, posters mounted on all outdoor kiosks, ads on prominent digital displays, a presence during popular on-campus events and targeted ads via their learning management system.

CSU Long Beach strategy to boost the numbers:

  • Outreach through SOAR to promote to new students: a slide on their in-person PPT presentation; postcards at Orientation booths
  • Prior to first day of classes, Adobe posters were mounted on all campus outdoor kiosks and multiple department bulletin boards
  • Running continuously for the month of September, Adobe ads on campus digital displays in the Student Union and the Rec Center
  • A booth at Welcome Week with Adobe postcards and a “Tech Resources” handout for students
  • Adobe postcards in Open House swag bags so faculty would inform their students
  • A Blackboard post targeted at students on Oct 10, 2019

Fresno State, inspired by USC Annenberg, created a "Photoshop Man" to help with marketing.

CSU San Bernardino created a marketing video to spread the news about creative cloud access.

A new student communications toolkit was rolled-out and shared.

The Student Communications Toolkit includes email examples, marketing timelines, projects, and everything campuses need to get started.

Student Engagement

Creative Jams: Student Designathons

In celebration of our partnership with CSU, the Creative Jam team worked to develop and try-out a new and scaled form of a Creative Jam, where multiple schools would compete, both virtually and on-campus. These events are open to students from any background and major. They participate in a hands-on bootcamp, work in teams on a design challenge, and have their work judged by industry professionals.

The first Creative Jam took place on March 1, 2019, with teams meeting on-campus at CSU Long Beach, CSULA and CSU Pomona. The focus was on immigration and over 150 students participated.

CSU Creative Jam on March 1, 2019

On October 10, 2019, we worked with the CSU to create the largest ever Creative Jam, with 7 different CSU schools, 400 participants, 250 students competing!

October 2019 Mega CSU Creative Jam

We landed on the idea of theming the Jam around the 2025 CSU Graduate Initiative — which focuses on inequities and student wellness. From access to healthy food to solving student homelessness, which currently comprises 12% of CSU students, student teams created an impressive array of projects. Dr. Sabrina Sanders, CSU Director of Student Affairs Projects and Initiatives was the featured keynote.

San Jose State Creative Jam: April 2019

San Jose State: Portfolio Review

In addition to the system-wide Creative Jams, we have also hosted multiple events at the Adobe San Jose office for San Jose State students. These SJSU Creative Jams have been unique in that we have also included a portfolio review, where SJSU students were able to meet with industry leaders for networking and feedback. No other school has been given this opportunity.

Adobe also hosted a Creative Jam at San Diego State that included a Behance portfolio review.

CSU Students and Faculty also participated in other virtual, drop-in Creative Jams, where they had the opportunity to collaborate and connect with peers from around the country.

  • Creative Club Network: April 2019
  • IBM Student Jam: September 2019
  • Disney Jam: October 2019
  • Faculty Rush Jam: June + July 2019
  • Faculty XD Jam: July + August 2019
  • A&E Jam: February 2020
  • Nickelodeon Jam: April 2020
  • The Ocean Agency Jam: April 2020
  • AirBnB Jam: April 2020
  • Activision Jam: May 2020
  • Netflix Jam: June 2020
  • Amazon Jam: September 2020
  • MTV Jam: November 2020

Faculty Engagement

Dr. Beverly Bondad Brown of CSULA showing off her Adobe Rush skills to Shelli Wynants of CSU Fullerton

On March 1, 2019, we produced the first of the CSU "Digital Literacy Day" events, which was hosted by San Jose State and had 70 in-person attendees as well as some remote participants. Run like a mini creative campus event, the day was packed with guest speakers, including Jean Cheng from UC Berkeley, Kathy Fernandes from the CSU Chancellor's office, and hands-on workshops in Adobe Rush, Adobe XD, and Project Lincoln.

The Southern California CSU Digital Literacy Event took place at CSU Fullerton on March 8, 2019. Over 10 different CSU institutions were represented with 50 attendees on-site and 40 chiming-in remotely. Fullerton CIO Amir Dabirian and Kathy Fernandes from the Chancellor's office spoke about the new CSU partnership and a roadmap for success, while faculty from Fullerton and CSULA presented on course redesign and pedagogy. Prof. Todd Taylor gave the keynote presentation about his work at UNC Chapel Hill, and also led a workshop on #AdobeSpark and #PremiereRush. Courtney Miller, who served as an Adobe Digital Literacy Thought Leader in addition to CSM, emceed both events.

Prof. Todd Taylor giving keynote speech to CSU faculty at CSU Fullerton. Over 50 faculty from 10 different campuses were in the room.

Faculty participating in hands-on Adobe Rush demo, led by Prof. Todd Taylor.

CSU Digital Literacy Grant Program

31 projects from 13 different schools were awarded Adobe curriculum grants over the past two years, ranging from $1k - $5k, with $100k total funding.

As part of the CSU ETLA, Adobe committed to funding curriculum redevelopment. In year one, $100k of funding was dispersed to all 23 schools based on the percentage of their licenses.

In year two, Adobe worked with Kate Miffitt in the Chancellor's Office to develop a curriculum grant program, utilizing the $50k allocated for 2019-2020. 23 proposals were submitted from faculty throughout the system. The CSU selection committee narrowed it down to 20 proposals that were accepted. Adobe stayed purposefully neutral on weighing-in so that the CSU has the opportunity to potentially seek funds from other sources.

Faculty from 12 different schools received Adobe grants, ranging from $1k - $5k. Topics were delightfully diverse, from storytelling with 360 video at CSU San Bernardino, to gen ed remix assignments at CSU Fullerton, to a collaboration between Professors at San Jose State and CSU Long Beach that came out of the CSU creative jam.

Spring 2020 CSU Adobe Grant Recepients

Another $50k was awarded to 11 grant recipients in 2020-2021.


Professor Safa Khan from CSU Channel Islands used Adobe grant funding, which was slated for a sustainability project, to instead 3D print faceshields for healthcare workers. Story featured on Adobe social media and other press.

San Jose State has developed a scalable Adobe grant program for curriculum development. They received 6 applications for the 2019-2020 school year, and awarded three $2500 stipends, which include an English course using Premiere Rush, InDesign and Spark, a Humanities course using Spark, and a Sociology course designing magazines with Indesign and Photoshop.

San Diego State has received an additional $30k in funding from Adobe to seed their Adobe Aztec Alliance Digital Literacy Initiative. The new digital literacy program will inspire students to innovate and create work they want to share.

SDSU Aztec Alliance, proposal areas

CSU Long Beach is developing the "Academic Innovation Design Initiative" (AIDI) that will launch in late 2020 with a pilot of faculty converting general education courses to hybrid/online courses. The Adobe team has been working with their leadership on the program, and invited the project lead, Mariza Hernandez, to the Creative Campus event at SDSU.

First ever Creative Campus Event held at a CSU Campus.

San Diego State hosted an Adobe Creative Campus event in February 2020, marking a historic first for the CSU system. Over three days, over 150 attendees gathered on campus to strategize around digital literacy implementation, hearing best practices from other peer institutions. Keynote speakers included SDSU CIO Jerry Sheehan, SDSU President Dr. Adela De La Torre and CSU Fullerton CIO Amir Dabirian. Over 55 different institutions were represented from around the world.


San Diego State featured on Adobe Blog for their transition to digital workflows using Adobe Sign.

CSU Fullerton featured story on Adobe Blog charting their digital literacy efforts across the humanities and business courses.

CSU Fullerton received $15k prior to the CSU ETLA to seed a Digital Literacy initiative for curriculum redesign, which has grown to impacting 4 courses with 5-6 sections each, including Business, Health Science and Marketing. In 2019, as part of the ETLA agreement, they used another $14k of dispersed funds to continue growing the program.


Lunch & Learn at CSU Fullerton

On October 26, 2018, Adobe led a workshop for CSU Fullerton faculty on Adobe Spark and Premiere Rush. There were over 150 attendees.

Courtney Miller presented at the Lunch & Learn event at CSU Fullerton

CSU Fullerton Tech Day 2019

In April 2019, Adobe Evangelist/Education Leader Chana Messer led hands-on workshops in Adobe Spark, Illustrator and mobile apps. Fullerton leadership reported that over 500 attendees were at the event, and the workshops led to 473 downloads that day.

Adobe Evangelist Chana Messer presenting at CSU Fullerton Tech Day 2019

In April 2019, Adobe EVP of Field Operations Matt Thompson guest lectured for CIO Amir Dabirian to his class of 65 marketing students. In addition to speaking about the future of digital marketing analytics, he also inspired a classroom of future leaders to leverage the power of Adobe and all of the tools CSU Fullerton students now have access to thanks to our partnership.

Adobe EVP Matt Thompson lecturing at CSU Fullerton

Cal State East Bay has hosted faculty workshops on Spark and an overview of Creative Cloud for 60 attendees. Adobe student ambassadors have also led multiple workshops.

Cal State East Bay Adobe workshops

Adobe has supported and presented at the CSU San Bernardino annual tech fair event, with over 500 attendees, including hands-on demos in Adobe Spark.


  • Liz Arias and Courtney Miller attended the 2018 DET/CHE Conference in Monterey. Adobe was a sponsor of the event and also hosted a dinner for the CSU Directors of Academic Technology (DAT) group.
  • Courtney Miller, Brad Buchanan, and Karen Steele attended and sponsored the CSU Tech Conference in August 2019 in San Diego. Adobe also sponsored SJSU Provost Vincent DelCasino as a keynote speaker.
  • Courtney Miller and Patrick Hoy attended the Educause ELI Conference in 2019, where they met with some CSU faculty and fielded many questions regarding SDL Deployment.
  • There has been CSU attendance at every single Creative Campus event, including CSU Fullerton CIO Amir Dabirian speaking at most of them. In February 2020, a creative campus took place at San Diego State marking a first for the system.
  • CSU Faculty and Students have consistently attended Adobe MAX. In 2018, Adobe Executive Mala Sharma sponsored 20 CSU faculty members to attend MAX to celebrate the Adobe/CSU partnership.
  • Faculty from CSU Long Beach and CSULA attended an exclusive UX Design/Adobe XD summit at Adobe MAX, led by Tara Knight.
Adobe sponsored the 2019 CSU Tech Conference including keynote with SJSU Provost Dr. DelCasino


  • The Adobe Stock team hosted an exclusive webinar for CSU in December 2019, entitled "unleash your creative power"
  • The Adobe Premium Onboarding team hosted a webinar for the CSU system in 2018.
  • The Adobe Education Team hosted an exclusive webinar for the CSU in March 2020 to support the transition to distance learning, entitled "Zoom-to-Rush: Integrating Media Workflows for Teaching, Learning, and Engagement."

Adobe Education Leaders

John Delacruz

2019 Adobe Education Leader

San Jose State University

Tina Korani

2019 Adobe Education Leader

San Jose State University

Susan Bloom

2020 Adobe Education Leader

CSU Long Beach

Student Leadership

3 CSU students were accepted into the Adobe Student Ambassador pilot program, which is competitive and only includes 20 students from throughout North America. Students receive $3k in funding and are required to teach workshops, help drive adoption, and serve as an important voice and ambassador.

Michelle Cai - SDSU, Marketing Communications

Mateo Garcia De La Quintana - SJSU, Advertising

Grace Luong - Fullerton, Business Marketing

The Adobe Creative Club Network was an exclusive program that offered select university clubs the opportunity to partner with Adobe and receive unique access to funding, resources, swag, and exposure to career-building opportunities. The CSU had 5 different clubs that were nominated and accepted into the program that ran 2016-2020.

  1. San Jose State: Spartan Ad Club
  2. CSU San Bernardino: Design Collective
  3. Cal Poly SLO: Mat Pica Pi
  4. Cal State Long Beach: Campus Ambassadors
  5. CSULA: Marketing Club

Juan Miranda, CSU Long Beach presented on a webinar produced by the Creative Club Network on his club and experience.

SJSU Spartan Ad Club design and teach Adobe workshops

Leadership Opportunities

  • CSU Fullerton Professor John Drew is working with the Adobe accessibility team. Rick Treitman is presenting on accessibility at an event Prof. Drew is producing.
  • Melissa Vito is leading a research project with Civitas and is interested in having CSU Fullerton featured and included in the Adobe sponsored research.
  • San Jose State hosted an Adobe Day for faculty in March 2020. The theme was "Diversity and Inclusion" and featured Katie Juran, Adobe Sr. Director of Diversity and Inclusion along with the SJSU Chief Diversity Officer.
2019 Adobe Day at SJSU featured the "Adobe For All" campaign on diversity and inclusion


107% of Creative Cloud Licenses have been provisioned across the system as of 5/18/2020

Campuses with the most licenses provisioned as of 5/14/2020
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