Marriage Brendan Welty

Marriage make you healthier

Happy marital relationships can significantly improve your chances of fighting cancer, hardy disease, and many more things as well. Marriage seems to be the most effective way of helping you live longer. You are also less likely to drink or smoke w preventing future health problems. The studies done on this show these same results worldwide.

Bad relationships can damage your health

It seems a lot of marriages end up ending or being overall bad. This can affect people emotionally, but it can also affect a person's health. Arguments between spouses can cause a weakening of their immune systems. They can even have slower healing wounds. Women seem to be at more risk of this then men.

Marriage can make people happier

In many surveys martiages has been linked to happiness in adults. It''s ranked above things like religion and owning a car. It even outranks income and owning houses or phones. Marriage can be a key piece to our happiness in our adult life.

Cohabitation can be more stressful than marriage

Cohabiting couples are more likely to have more stress. They are more likely To make less money than happily married couples. They get in more fights as well. Cohabitation can be a more caustic relationship.

Marriage can be good for heart health

Marriage has been shown to clinically increase you resistance to heart disease. This is in both males and females. Married individuals are more likely to live longer after having bypass surgeries. The heart is important. Marriage can help you heart in the way you love and in your health.

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