Aunt's are the best By:Elizabeth boswell

I used to think that aunts were not as special as other people in the world, but now I think they are special. I think they’re special because they have a good sense of humor, they take you fun places, and they can help you.

Aunts are special because they have a good sense of humor. For example one time I was sick and I had to go to the doctors office. When we got there my aunt said, “Why did the cookie go to the doctors office? Because he was feeling crumby!” Also, whenever my Aunt Linda comes over to babysit me; she always makes one of my stuffed animals, Happy Napper, talk,. Once, when we were walking to school, she pretended that Happy Napper had escaped from the house, and was following me to school. It was so funny because she kept saying, “ I see a yellow horn over there. ” In addition, one time when we were playing the Wii, one of the Miis laughed in a funny way. So then my aunt imitated the laugh, and it sounded just how the mii’s laugh sounded. Then I tried to imitate it, but it didn't sound at all like my aunt’s imitation. These are just some of the funny things she does.

Aunts are special because they take you to fun places. For example, one time my Aunt Linda took me to a place called Soupy Island. My cousin George and I went down a huge metal slide. George dared me to pick my feet up while I slid down. I just about flew down the slide and almost broke my bottom! While I was flying out of the slide, my Aunt Linda quickly took a picture. You should have seen the look on my face! Also, in the summer my Aunt Linda takes me to her house almost every week. One time, she let my cousin Mackenzie and I make a squid out of paper plates and pipe-cleaners. She also let us play in her pool, even though it had a little bit of algae in it. In addition my Aunt Linda once took me to Chuck E Cheese’s after school. She bought me tokens so I could play some games. When it was time to go she let me keep the tokens even though she could have kept them for her grandchildren.

My last but definitely not least reason why aunts are special is that they can help you. For example, normally my mom doesn’t help me with my homework right away. However when my aunt comes over and I ask for help she helps me right away. At, in an article called the Importance of Aunts and Uncles in a Family the author wrote, “ If children get themselves in a bind and they don’t want to tell their parents they can tell their aunt or uncle.” In addition my friend Mia said that her aunt helps her by comforting her when she is upset and her aunt also took care of her when her mom was in the hospital.

Aunts are special for many reasons. I think this quote says it best.“Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend."Go call your aunt and make some memories together. I guarantee, you won’t regret


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