Common Activity Alexis Rampersaud

Nature on Display

After exploring all the exhibits, the butterfly exhibit was the most appealing because there were so many colors and there were many different types on display inside, as well as live butterflies outside. The exhibit captured my attention with the butterfly rainforest and the interaction I got to have with them. I learned about butterfly habitats and how they behave in a natural setting, which I could not learn by just looking at them through a glass window. The most enjoyable part about this experience was the butterfly release and being able to learn about specific species of butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

The museum provided an opportunity to observe butterflies in a natural setting where they are free to fly around, rather than in a glass case. Insects are not my favorite thing in the world, so walking through rainforest was a bit stressful, but nonetheless it was still a beautiful experience. Other people at the museum were taking photographs of the butterflies and holding the butterflies in their hands. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by giving people an opportunity to interact with live butterflies hands on. The museum did instill an ethical responsibility in me by giving me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and fragility of butterflies and their complexities.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helped me to step out of my ordinary life by experiencing the world through another one of earth's creatures. I was able to learn about the complex traits that butterflies possess and how they survive in this world being a small insect. It helps us realize that humans are not the only thing on earth and we have to protect earth for the well-being of all things big and small that live with us.

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