Pride Jimmy Spampinato

What is pride?

Pride is a feeling or deep down pleasure or satisfaction derived from ones own achievements.

Examples of excessive pride in todays culture.

People who celebrate gay pride are often very flamboyant. They show off their happiness by wearing colorful shirts and paint.

Another example of excessive pride shown in todays culture.

Rich kids of instagram

Rich kids of instagram is just one of the many ways excessive pride is shown in social media. Spoiled rich kids post about things they own or do that billions of people only dream about.
Rich kids of instagram post photos and videos of their luxuriious lifestyles that are funded by their parents. Their lifestyles often include excessive drinking, partying, shopping and traveling.

Excessive pride is most usually arrogance, another alternative form of excessive pride is huberis. Hubris is excessive pride/ self confidence.

Excessive pride in history

Adolf Hitler was a very evil and sinful man. He is a good example of pride because he was excessively prideful towards the aryan race.
Nazism is the political principles of the National Socialist German Workers Party. Nazism is an extreme form of Nationalism and it is evil.
Extreme Nationalism has the signature one hand salute. The salute symbolizes the pride of the white aryan race.

pride today is shown in North Korea

North Korea is infamous for educating and teaching their citizens altered history and facts.
North Korea shows excessive pride by not excepting other countries help and letting millions of their own people die from starvation and poverty.


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