Milk for Tea PRESS PACK 2018

Milk for Tea is a purpose driven, service-based social enterprise working to help men live in the fullness of their potential. We are passionate about not only keeping men alive, but helping them to thrive!

2018 welcomed a new chapter for the company. Our May re-launch in Bristol and London, showcased our short film entitled 'This is Milk for Tea' (below).

Restoring hope, transforming lives.

The MFT team were followed over the two days when re-launching the company in Bristol and London.

Meet the Team

Daniel Edmund (left) has a background in Communications and Public Speaking. Born in Bristol, UK and raised in DC he is passionate about serving the male community to better the world.

Jack Norman (right) has a Legal and Retail professional background. After overcoming adversity and failure in his personal and professional life, he is ready to stand alongside men to do the work.

Taken prior to the 'This is Milk for Tea' Launch Event in London on 16th May, 2018.

Press Release

Promoting well-being and personal development in the male community maintains to be the key focus at Milk for Tea. We continue to work alongside men in facilitating the conversation around bettering the state of man, whilst offering an individualistic approach in all our services offered.

Co-founders Jack Norman and Daniel Edmund, now three years strong at MFT, are happy with the progress made in 2018. With the main strategic theme focused on building credibility to the work they are doing, many partnerships have formulated organically and have been of mutual benefit to all parties involved. Organisations worked with include a Campaign around Progressing Corporate Masculinity with workspace giant WeWork, to holding workshops at Bristol-based Charity Off The Record and at educational hubs such as the University of Brighton and Exeter College. The highlight of the year came from a feature in Soho House's globally distributed magazine, House Notes in November 2018.

Milk for Tea was created to serve self-identifying men to help them find their truest identity, recognise their value and live out their purpose. With the support of HRH The Prince of Wales and the incredible team at The Princes' Trust, alongside many other partners, Jack and Daniel are committed to doing their part to make this world a better place, one man at a time.

Looking forward into 2019, strategic goals lie with continuing to build on current partnerships, whilst developing new relationships. Alongside continually evolving our core services, we see a new function added, in which we will be offering Business Consultation around well-being and mental health, in line with recently enforced Health & Safety legislation.

Our first well-being and development 'One-day Event' will be held in the Summer of 2019. This will be a celebration of the progression of masculinity in the current day. Milk for Tea will also be welcomed along as guest speakers at Soho House for a discussion on Masculinity and the S. H. E. Summit in collaboration with Bacardi in February and March respectively. As we continue to grow, we stay mindful of all the support that has been shown to us throughout our journey. Without this, it would have been possible to achieve what we have so far and we thank you for your continued support.

"Just as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Bradley Martinez-Hare, Coachee of MFT
"Milk for Tea, for me, is the reason why I am still alive today, if it wasn’t for them I don’t think I would still be here. For that I owe them so much and couldn’t be more thankful for what both Jack and Daniel did for me, and anyone who gets the opportunity. They will always want you to be welcomed to the MFT family."

Milk for Tea Timeline

From promoting the lifestyle of the Modern Gentleman to 'Building Modern Men for a Better Future'. This is our journey...

Daniel spoke at TEDxBristol in November 2015 when Milk for Tea had just been conceptualised. He touches on his personal story and the ideology of how we saw men developing.

We held our first launch event in October 2016 in partnership with Oliver Sweeney.
We ran our first social campaign entitled #perfectyhuMEN in January 2017. We had submissions from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and America.
Daniel with Prince Charles and Astronaut Tim Peake after discussing the importance of the work MFT is doing whilst on the the Young Ambassador's Enterprise Programme in 2017.

Daniel and Jack were invited on to John Darvell's BBC Radio Bristol show in April to raise awareness around the Company's mission.

In May, Milk for Tea was accepted on the business accelerator programme 'SUPA Campus' ran by Supa Network in collaboration with The Office Group.
Progressing Corporate Culture in collaboration with WeWork (multi-site), Aug - Oct 2018
An extract from our Strategy Pack. Full supplement can be found on our website.
'Masculinity' @ WeWork Sheraton House, Soho London
Soho House, House Notes feature on Community Centred, Nov 2018. Global distribution.
Feature, highlighted.
Wine & Bowties Website Feature - March 2019

How have you seen the concept of mental health for men change during the time you’ve done Milk for Tea?

Daniel: When we first started Milk for Tea back in 2015 there were much fewer companies (and people) talking openly about men’s mental health/wellbeing and probably fewer helping men to actually do the work to better themselves in that space. Now in the U.K., the conversation has really picked up. Celebrities and high profile people are speaking about their experiences with mental health which is helping to normalise it in the media. Organisations like CALM are doing a great job with raising awareness and combating male suicide in their own way as well, there is a lot out there. There have unfortunately also been quite a few public suicides that have happened over the years which has really made people stop and think about the current state of men’s wellbeing. There’s a long way to go for sure but I definitely feel progress is being made, which is good news.

What have you guys learned about yourself through your pursuit?

Jack: This pursuit has been life-changing for me – it has opened so many layers that I never realized were there. Dan and I have grown closer and stronger not only as business partners but as brothers. It has not been without its challenges and we are both sure we haven’t seen the end of those challenges either. The biggest lesson we’ve had to learn is to make our own luck – as cliche, as it may sound to some people when you are young entrepreneurs sometimes opportunities, are few and far between, therefore sending that email or taking that meeting has to be done no matter what. We will continue to grow as individuals and as a company, ensuring we are always mindful that this journey would have not been made possible without each other and the people who have stood alongside us from day one. Here’s to better well-being all round!


"Our team at OTR were really impressed with Milk for Tea's Modern Masculinity workshops at our Hubs. Their passion and commitment towards providing support for men from all ages and walks of life was truly inspiring. It was very clear that Daniel and Jack are incredibly driven individuals who not only feel strongly about helping men understand the issues they are experiencing, but how we can all work collectively to heal them. Thank you both!”

- Maya Kalaria, Engagement Worker at Off The Record (Bristol)

Milk for Tea offer a unique and modern approach to addressing the problem of mental health in men and gender identity not just in the workplace but in wider society too.

Their enthusiastic and passionate yet humble and honest personalities lend themselves to delivering these types of workshops. They inspired and motivated a real engagement from their audience (the likes we've not seen before) who fed off their energy and felt safe and comfortable in the space Daniel and Jack had created. This is a prevalent issue that at present hasn't had the exposure it needs to even put it on many peoples radar. Milk for tea really helps you to look at the bigger picture from a different angle. Personally, Daniel's story and inspiration is something I (and what became clear was many others) could relate to heavily and it was the first time I'd ever had anyone stand up in front of me and speak honestly and openly about these experiences and feelings that were so close to home.

It was great to see how much of a varied audience we had in both gender and age (considering the workshop was called Modern Masculinity) and shows the appetite for learning and understanding of this topic. They focus on issues that affect all of us at both a macro and micro level and this is why I feel their workshops will offer genuine value to any audience. They are knocking on the door of an issue that has been overlooked for too long and the positive energy that motivates them can only bring about positive change.

- Alex Goodanew, Comms & Engagement Exec at OVO Energy

I worked with Milk for Tea Founders Jack Norman and Daniel Edmund through my work as a coach trainer for the MOE Foundation.

I have found both Jack and Daniel to be inspirational innovators who are delivering vital work in a challenging climate. Together they work with integrity, tenacity and a great sense of authenticity and belief in their work. They both proved themselves to be effective coaches working sensitively and listening acutely to the needs of their clients.

I wholeheartedly endorse Milk for Tea and its mission and look forward to seeing it flourish, as I am confident it will under Jack and Daniel's determined leadership.

- Mark Bixter, Coach and Head Trainer at MOE Foundation

We are truly grateful for the support that has been shown to us throughout our company's development. As young men we are both experiencing an unprecedented amount of personal growth and recognise that Milk for Tea is bettered when we better ourselves.
Seeing lives transformed from the inside out remains our biggest pursuit and we are passionate about the work we can do to help leave this world better than when we found it. Here's to the road ahead.
- Jack & Daniel

If you would like any further information, please contact: press@milkfortea.com

"Heal the boy and the man will appear."
Created By
Jack Norman


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