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The Springs Serenity Couples Massage

The perfect gift is time together. Let the pressures of life melt away while you drift off enjoying a side-by-side complete customized therapeutic relaxation massage.

60 min / $259 . 90 min / $319

Warm Muslin Bag Massage

Warm steamed bags of orange, clove, ginger and seaweed are gently massaged into the body releasing aromatic oils. Using the finest organic ingredients and hand-harvested seaweed muscle oil, this treatment is relaxing and gently exfoliates and nourishes your skin.

90 min / $189

Hot Stone Vitality Massage

Our Hot Stone Vitality Massage uses heated smooth volcanic stones or Himalayan Salt Stones to warm the tissues and increase circulation. The application of hot stone massage directs vital energy flow, releasing tension and soothing store joints and muscles, inducing deep relaxation.

90 min / $169

Pampering Prenatal Massage

Designed with the safety and comfort of mother and baby in mind, this massage helps to relieve muscle aches, joint pain and swelling.

60 min / $139

The Springs Especially for You Massage

This treatment is a customized therapeutic massage designed especially for you. Techniques incorporated into this healing treatment range from relaxation strokes to invigorating deep tissue massage targeted to dissolve areas of soreness, tension, and stress.

60 min / $149 . 90 min / $179


Warm Spiced Seaweed Mudwrap

This seaweed-rich wrap is potent with antioxidants and minerals and is infused with aromatic spices of ginger and orange to revive the senses. With immediate and noticeable effects on the skin, including firming and toning, it is a serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulator, and a natural anti-ageing boost.

75 min / $179

Raindrop Technique Aromatherapy

Drawn from Native American wellness traditions, raindrop technique harnesses the power of essential oils, dispensed in small, rain-like drops, mixed with a variety of massage techniques, including back massage, and heat application. Facilitating detoxification and overall health, this is a powerful treatment for assisting the body’s natural healing processes.

90 min / $169

Organic Seaweed Body Wrap

Our Organic Seaweed Body Wrap hydrates and relaxes your tired and lethargic muscles, relieving stress and fatigue. This treatment Includes a full body brushing to increase circulation and to aid penetration of the potent seaweed gel, while the wrap’s antioxidant compounds help to protect against environmental cell damage. Skin will be toned and firmed, and signs of aging and cellulite will be visibly reduced.

60 min / $159

Wrapped in Bliss Body Wrap

Our Bliss Body Wrap is a full-body wrap with foot reflexology and a scalp massage with aromatherapy. Choose from our selection of organic body wraps!

60 min / $149

Organic Seaweed Body Buff

This treatment is the ultimate treat for tired and dull skin. The antioxidants from our mineral-rich seaweed and massage oils to offer a powerful organic way to better your skin.

60 min / $149


The Springs Fountain of Youth Facial

Our ultimate facial utilizes ultrasonic technology in the form of low-frequency sound waves to deliver 3-treatments in one luxurious facial designed for all skin types. It combines a thorough exfoliation without irritation, followed by nutrient rich treatments designed to plump, hydrate, firm, and brighten the skin to decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances oxygen absorption caused by free radical damage, giving you that “Fountain of Youth” appearance, leaving skin looking radiant

80 min / $189 . Package of 3 / $499

Hydra Sea Deluxe Facial

A results-driven hydrating and purifying facial, including a 20-minute facial massage followed by a re-mineralizing face mask and seaweed leaves. Leaving the skin’s texture rejuvenated, the appearance of deep-set wrinkles is reduced and the skin’s texture is left hydrated and plumped.

80 min / $179

Intense Defense for Men Facial

Exclusively created for men’s specific skincare needs, this powerfully effective treatment exfoliates the skin with bamboo spines, allowing for a deeper cleanse. This treatment includes a soothing face and scalp massage and a seaweed mask and seaweed leaves to sooth even the most sensitive of skin. Fantastic for those affected with shaving rash, razor burn or ingrown hairs; your skin is left hydrated, fresh and mattified.

60 min / $169

Premium Peptide Illuminating Facial

This Arctic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating system addresses fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. Great for sensitive skin and Rosacea or acne-prone skin.

75 min / $159

The Springs Organic Facial

Relax and rejuvenate as we apply organic skincare products specifically matched to your skin type, to nourish and enhance your skin’s beauty. Choose from our selection of specialty facials: Hydrating, Detoxifying, Firming, Lightening, Brightening.

60 min / $139

Marine Eye Treatment

Using hand-harvested organic Atlantic seaweed, this is a unique treatment for refreshing and rejuvenating, aging around the eyes and includes relaxing and decongesting massage movements to banish puffiness and dark shadows. This is a firming, hydrating treatment that uses specific products rich in seaweed extract, green tea and vitamin C.

45 min / $129


Revitalizing Marine Foot & Leg Ritual

Re-charge the circulation of the lower limbs, and refine your skin with a Sea Salt Scrub followed by a deeply relaxing massage of the lower legs. Following the massage, your legs are then wrapped in warmed Atlantic seaweed leaves to detoxify, increase circulation, nourish and revive tired feet and legs.

45 min / $109

Foot Reflexology with Foot Scrub

Reflexology is a form of massage that is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet and hands are linked to specific areas of the body and that massage of these points induces relaxation and is health promoting. A scented foot scrub to soothe and soften the skin is included.

45 min / $99


Shangri-La Serenity Ritual

This treatment includes a customized full body massage, luxurious facial with organic ingredients and scalp massage with aromatic oils. Two hours of bliss and serenity for you.

120 min / $268

Royal Shangri-La Rejuvenation Ritual

This complete head-to-toe experience includes a fruit and sugar body scrub, organic tropical lotion, a custom Shangri-La Facial, an eye treatment, and a revitalizing scalp or foot massage.

120 min / $249

Relaxation Massage & Beautiful Body Scrub Ritual

Choose from a selection of scented, fruited, sugared or salted polishes or scrubs, followed by a relaxing full body massage to create a profoundly peaceful effect for body, mind and soul.

90 min / $189


Use of the Far Infrared Salt Sauna and Steam Room are complimentary with your purchase of a facial, massage, body treatment, or ritual along with the use of our private garden, and a robe and slippers.

Far Infrared Salt Sauna

Dry heat, soothes and warms the muscles, relieving tension from your body and minimizes joint pain. Far-infrared heat also helps to counterbalance and neutralize our overuse of the UV lights and penetrates deep under the surface layers into the muscles and joints. Our natural Himalayan salt, rich in trace minerals, cleanses and purifies the air.

Eucalyptus Steam Room

A moisture-rich aromatic humid heat experience, is highly beneficial for respiratory issues, opening up the breathing passages alleviating congestion and is especially beneficial before or after a massage treatment to increase circulation.

BEMER Technology Session

This highly effective and non-invasive technology consists of mild electromagnetically transferred stimulation which combats the effects of stress, sleeplessness, unbalanced diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits, illnesses and aging on the circulatory system.

This highly acclaimed treatment increases blood flow and enhances the elimination of toxins from the tissues to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The result is smoother looking skin.

Single Visit (Sauna, Steam Room or BEMER) 30 min / $25

Package of 10 Visits $200*

*Packages are valid for one year from date of purchase; no refunds or discounts

Enhancements & UPGRADES

The following services are only available in combination with an existing spa treatment.

3-Step Organic Eye Treatment $25

A complete spa experience for the eyes, this treatment restores elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, leaving your delicate eye area looking bright and youthful.

3-Step Organic Lip Treatment $25

A complete spa experience for your lips, this treatment exfoliates and plumps the lips with natural ingredients.

Aromatherapy Enhancement $15

Natural essential oils are used to enhance psychological and physical well-being during treatments.

Foot or Back Scrub Enhancement $20

Select for either back or foot. Refresh and hydrate with our organic sugar scrub, followed by hot towels.

Foot or Hand Reflexology Enhancement

Reflexology points on the hands or feet will be stimulated with light pressure to enhance the flow of energy to specific areas of the body, helping to balance the body’s systems.

20 min / $25

Fountain of Youth Facial Enhancement $25

Add an organic fruit acid enzyme peel for a deeper skin exfoliation to enhance your Springs Fountain of Youth Facial results.

Marine Add-On $25

Rejuvenate the eye area with the application of a specialized eye mask with your seaweed-based facial.

Melt Away Scalp Massage Enhancement $25

Indulge in an scalp massage and release tension in the forehead and scalp areas, stimulating mental function, boosting your mood and promote hair growth.

Plant-Based Relief Massage Enhancement $20

Include CBD oil for targeted relief from muscle or joint pain or discomfort associated with simple backache, arthritis, or sprains/strains.

Sinus Relief Enhancement $25

This customized sinus relief enhancement uses sinus specific pressure points and gentle lymphatic massage to remove toxins and increase circulation, as well as essential oils known to positively affect our airways. You will emerge breathing easy and energized.

Two-Guest Suite Upgrade

Upgrade your experience to enjoy any massage service in our spacious Two-Guest Suite for yourself and a guest to share.

$10 per guest


To enjoy your spa experience to its fullest potential, please familiarize yourself with our Spa Guidelines.


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