TCI Subscription Scavenger Hunt Getting the most out of your resources

Complete the following topics in order. Each topic contains a video tutorial as well as tasks to complete. (note that the video will open a window to view, close the video by clicking the X in the upper right to come back here.) Afterwards, reflect on the essential question before moving to the next topic.

Topic 1: Selecting a Lesson

  1. From program home page (click Table of Contents in upper left). Then click on one of the lesson titles.
  2. Mouse over and do a preview of the slides. Preview mode allows you to see the slides with preparation and procedures, a slide carousel to see upcoming slides, and teacher notes for selected slides.
  3. Scroll through the presentation in preview mode. Then go full screen. Full screen is used to project for your students as you facilitate the lesson.
Why might the success of your lesson hinge on the use of the visual lesson guide?

Topic 2: Preparing Materials

  1. Within the presentation, go to the first few slides which show the materials you will need to conduct the lesson.
  2. Click on the menu at the top that says, “Materials."
How will you gather the materials necessary to complete the different investigations?

Topic 3: Teach the Lesson

  1. Go back to the Presentation link at the top. Go Full Screen.
  2. Note the buttons you use to advance slides, to reveal answers, to drag/drop, and what indicators are there to let you know that all the info on the slide has been shown.
How can you engage all students in active learning as you navigate through the presentation tool?

Topic 4: The Student Text and Notebook

  1. When students are to read the text, click on the “Student Text” hyperlink so that you can project what they see from your device.
  2. Use the features geared to helping immerging readers. (Audio, Main Ideas, Spanish).
  3. View several sections of the text & interactive notebook.
What are some benefits for having all of the digital text features including the Interactive Student Notebook on one digital page ?

Topic 5: Assessments

  1. Within “Student View” or in the Assessments link click on “Lesson Game.” Play.
  2. Go back to “Teacher View.” Click on the Assessments link.
  3. Practice making an online assessment.
How might the classroom activity combined with the text/notebook/reading challenge help students as they prepare for their formative/summative assessments?

Topic 6: Using the Gradebook

  1. Remember that you need to have students and classes created to view anything in the Gradebook. To do so, go to your name and click my students.
  2. Then...Within “Teacher View,” click on “Gradebook.”
  3. Student work (saved) from online will automatically show up here for you to view and grade.
  4. The four areas of online student work are 1) Notebook 2) Reading Challenge 3) Online Assessment & 4) Participation (optional).
As the demand for data-driven instruction increases, how will the four categories within the grade book help you demonstrate a variety of data?

Topic 7: Differentiation & Enhancing Your Lesson

  1. Within the “Teacher View,” click the Lesson Guide link. Above your lesson guide, you will see links to differentiation and enhancing your lesson. (Alternately, you can click on the “More” menu and find them there too.)
  2. Click on the Differentiation Link. Explore.
  3. Go to “More” again and click “Enhancing Learning.” Explore.
  4. Pick a lesson, and then go to the Differentiation section for that lesson. Pick one group of learners and be able to explain how the lesson will be modified to support the learner group.
Why is it important to think about meeting the academic needs of all students?
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