M1 Garand By: Maysen Perez & Peneuta Aiaga

what is the m1 garand?

The M1 Garand was a .30 semi automatic rifle that was the us standard military rifle for WW2 it was in service 1936-1959


The M1 garand was in mass production during WW2 and were usually distributed to us soldiers but later Britain soldiers also started using this weapon


The M1 Garand weighed 9.5 pounds and was 43.5 inches long and had a barre that was 24 inches long and shot a .30-06 and was designed by john c. garand the gun shot 40 to 50 rounds a minute and could shoot up to 500 ft.


enbloc clip- made reloading at any time very hard to do because the clip could only eject when all bullets have been fired. also the gas chamber for these guns malfunctioned at times and made these guns not usable.

m1 garand today

The m1 garand is still in use today but in many different forms the production and innovations make these guns special on the battlefield us soldiers are the ones currently using these weapons in sniper combat or close and mid range battles.

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