War on drugs didi h kidder lcsw

Drugs are common

Drugs are so common you could probably ask anyone for some and get some or find out who has some. And with new drugs coming out every year you never know what could show up at school. When you take drugs it can really hurt you some drugs like cocaine can cause you to have a heart attack.60% of students said that drugs are used or sold at schools and another 52% of students said that there is somewhere near or on campus where students can use drugs at school.

How drugs can harm you

Psychoactive drugs like ecstasy, weed, alcohol, all can affect your mood. Doing drugs can effect your body in many ways or even cause deadly diseases like stroke, aids cancer, and hepatitis. Some drugs can kill you on your first time doing them some also can cause hallucinations, depression, sickness, kidney problems and just overall something you dont want to put yourself through. When you do a serious overdose of any drug it can most likely kill you or hurt you badly.

Why do people do them

One of the most common reasons why people go into a addiction because they use drugs when they're depressed or not feeling well. When they take the drugs to help relieve stress or help with their emotions they feel like its good and forget the problem. Eventually after using the drugs for long periods of times they feel as if they cant live without taking drugs. Some people prescribed on drugs think its okay to abuse them just becuase they're prescribed which isnt okay.

Addiction Counselor

An addiction counselor can help any current drug abuser even a kid if it gets that serious. The reason to addiction counseling is to help the client and also take control from behaviors and addicted chemicals. Drug counselors help people with dependencies of drugs ranging from marijuana to cocaine. A drug counselor works with someone abusing drugs or addicted to drugs in a therapy session. Addiction counselors can help by helping adults añd teens to stop using drugs and abusing them and show them how to live without them.

How addiction counselors help

Addiction counselors can help drug abusers by giving them different options to relieve stress or get rid of depression without using drugs. They also help by giving you weekly sessions to try new methods of relieving your stress and getting rid of your depression and drug tests to make sure your not using them as much. Addiction counselors will also inform you on how the drugs that you are taking can effect you and your health to give you good reasons to stop doing drugs.

Why should you go to a addiction counselor

You should really go visit an addiction counselor if you feel like you have a addiction or if you know you do. An addiction counselor will help you get out of your habits of abusing drugs and find new ways to meet your needs. You should also go visit or see an addiction counselor if you want to get rid of your bad habits of abusing drugs either illegal or prescribed it doesnt matter because both still will do you.

Didi H Kidder LCSW

Didi H Kidder LCSW i an addiction counselor and she helps people that have drug addictions and people that abuse drugs. Didi has worked in the drug counselor field for 10 years and has worked with many patients that abuse drugs becuase of depression stress or even just bordness. Didi has even said she expirenced some drug abusers that get addicted after the first time that they have tried them.

How Didi works with her patients

Didi helps her clients by showing them that doing drugs isnt always the best thing to use to solve thier problems and that it should never be the solution. Didi also says that she can help her clients by giving them new options to help thier drug issues like giving them a stress ball or giving them medication to calm them down so they dont resort to using drugs.

How Didi makes an impact

Didi makes a huge impact by helping students adults anyone that has a drug abuse problem and Didi helps them go on the right path so they dont have a huge drug addiction. Drug counselors like Didi can go to public schools and show kids how to not use drugs and show them how to deal with their problems without using drugs which is what needs to happen now at schools to prevent drug abuse.


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