Endangered species Poison dart frog


Poison dart frogs live in South America and Central America rain forests. They mostly hide in big leaves, trees everywhere where it's moist.

Physical features

Theirs many types of poison dart frogs and most of them are bright colored. On this picture that is a golden poison dart frog the most toxic frog of the all. The colors could be light blue, yellow, green, black, red, orange with black patters. The bright color helps the frog survive because bright color warns predators not to eat the frog.

(Phyllobates terribilis)

Social habits

Poison dart frogs are alone but except for mating season, and when male frog carries its young to near pool or body of water.

Population size

Theirs about 200 of these frogs left

Threats to existence

Theirs 4 major existence threats. The first one is pollution, second one is dieses, third one is habitat loss, and the forth one is smuggling


The main threat to frogs is habitat loss. And the best thing we can do is strop destroying rainforest







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