Kecap Tuyul Feedback methodology

Kecap Tuyul is a self-taught experimental musician / improviser / performer with a preference for lo-fi unstable tools & situations. He's founder of the eg0cide productions netlabel (2007-...) and is also active as Failure Circle, a solo feedback-based project.

Frozen Clinamen is serie of works started on autumn 2017. It follows a simple method inspired by the the possibilities of his no-input mixer set-up and the will to use a limited sound material in a posteriori compositions : all the sounds included in these works are recordings of moments that feature no human intervention.


Step 1 : Tweaking the set-up until it produces some seemingly autonomously self-sustained sound sequences.

Step 2 : Stopping tweaking, then recording for at least 20 minutes without any intervention on the set-up.

Step 3 : Repeating steps (1) & (2) several times.

Step 4 : Using the generated sounds as only source in a posteriori compositions. The only variations used while mixing are equalization, panoramics and volume levels.

Step 5 : play it at low/high volume with open/closed window while complety asleep / fully conscious.

Under the pseudnoym of Failure Circle, Kecap Tuyul already published one of his works, using the same methodology, at Snow in Water Records at the end of 2019.

Besides his solo projects, Kecap Tuyul is also busy with diverse collaborations within the French noise and improvised scene, as well as by his atypical duet with Magali Albespy, M.A.K.T. Sono.

Recorded and mixed between august 2018 and july 2020, A Frozen Song, was created partially by using the methodology of the "Frozen Clinamen" serie published under the Failure Circle pseudonym.

Kecap Tuyul - Frozen Song (Release Date: 2020)

Besides a vast majority of electronic sounds recorded in moments featuring no human intervention, it contains vocal elements and a few light live tweakings of the electronic set-ups. This can be seen as an attempt to use the "Frozen Climanen" methodology as a tool for the generation of an unusual form of "song".



Created By
Snow in Water Records