Digital portfolio Fine art prep

Artist Statement: Before fine art prep I used my finger to shade. I learned though that rubbing the lines with your finger makes the art look messy. I learned proper ways to shade my art such as cross-hatching, hatching, and stippling. These new forms of shading allowed my art to look more realistic. I enjoy having freedom in my artwork and being able to listen to music while drawling. Listening to music gives me ideas of what I want to draw. I am excited for the painting unit because painting is my favorite form of media. I can't wait to be able to practice with different paints. I hope to have my artwork look more realistic in the future and I am excited to see how my art style will improve.

Pre-instruction drawling


This drawling I tried to make the girl look like she was part of the tree

Shading exercise


Post-instruction drawling

boot and pepper

Drawling with four values

shoe and pear

Art Project

a bunch of random doodles stuck together

Final Unit Assesment

pumpkin, pear, and apple


Description: For my art project I placed pieces of art together on one sheet of paper to make a collage.

Analysis: I used two aesthetic theories in this piece of art, imitationalism and emotionalism. I used many different forms of media like pencils and oil pastels. My inspiration for the drawings within the art were mainly either from my imagination or from conversations with others.

Interpretation: The meaning of my drawling is the complexity and flexibility of the human mind, a manifestation of thoughts and ideas that fly through my head. I thought of all the fantastical thoughts I have before I close my eyes at night. Or when I can't concentrate in class and my mind often goes into a fantasy world, my project is a collection of just some of the things I may think of during day dreams. Some of the drawings were from memories; for example the lips are the lips of different people I've seen.

Judgment: For the most part I am proud of my art; but I do think that near the end I got lazy and began to try to just fill in all the white spaces. My laziness near the end caused the drawling to not reach its full potential.

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