Keep Believing Year 2 Recovery curriculum


Our first topic this half term is 'Keep Believing'. We will be focusing on mental health, wellbeing and confidence building as well as key skills in maths and writing that would have been covered during lock-down. The Year 2 school day starts at 9.00a.m. and finishes at 3.00p.m. All children will be met by their teacher, wash their hands on entering school and have their temperature taken before starting work.

Our New Golden Rules will keep the children safe in school.


Please ensure your child's P.E. kit is in school all week as lessons are dependent on the weather. Federation P.E. kit must be worn. Please do not send children in branded sports clothing.

The first half term of this academic year has been developed to allow us to explore different emotions, stresses and anxieties that we all face as we start back at school. Each day, we will be looking at different factors affecting our lives since COVID. We will be following the recommended 'Jigsaw' programme as well as the most up-to-date government guidance to support our pupils (and staff) with their mental health and resilience to cope with a variety of situations.

Addressing children's mental health and wellbeing underpins our recovery curriculum. The children will develop the 3 R's:

ROUTINES - The children will be supported to re-establish old routines and establish new routines to keep them safe and happy in school.

RELEVANCE - The children will be provided with safe and structured opportunities to talk about their lockdown experiences. They will explore and deal with their emotions relating to lockdown and returning to school.

RELATIONSHIPS - The children will be guided to re-establish friendships and positive relationships with staff and the community. The children will be developing their own virtual hugs to show they still care about each other even when they can't show it in the usual way.

We will be using a wellbeing programme called REST to help the children to build their resilience and self-esteem.



We will be using engaging and inspiring texts that celebrate diversity.

Throughout this captivating unit, the children will revisit skills and work on any gaps in their learning.

As children become more confident and consistent with their writing, they will work towards writing a diary entry about a space flight.


Children still needing a phonic approach to reading will receive daily interventions to ensure they can move onto a age appropriate reading programme as soon as possible.

High quality children's texts, such as 'The Troll' by Julia Donaldson, will be used to nurture a love of reading whilst developing and revisiting key skills in reading. Year 2 will also study other texts with trolls as main characters to broaden their reading experience and expand the vocabulary they use in their discussions and writing.


You can support your child at home by reading regularly, completing and checking their planners.

Reading books and planners will be sent home next week.

Children in year 2 will have homework set on Mathletics and Purple Mash.

The Inquisitive Me


This term we will be revisiting previous learning. Our Maths lessons will be focusing on key learning steps in place value of numbers before teaching the children new concepts.

We will be completing early assessments to identify gaps in children's knowledge so we can best support their learning.


This is especially important as the children may need to access home learning.

Within this term, Year 2 will learn what it means to be ‘online’ and the risks this brings when not following E-safety rules. Children will learn about online risks in more detail by identifying the different age rules for websites and games.

The children’s on-line safety understanding is deepened through the use of different resources such as ‘Smartie the Penguin’ as this gives them rules to follow and information about who they can communicate with if they feel that they are unsafe whilst being online.


As part of a whole school project, we will be researching and completing work in the style of Alma Thomas and Tam Joseph. These artists have been chosen as part of our focus on cultural diversity. You will be able to see the children's work on our Twitter feed before the end of half-term.


During P.E. lessons, the children will be playing socially distanced games and learning calming Yoga techniques.

This is Me

Our Core Value this half term is: Thankfulness. The question we will ask ourselves is...

“What are you thankful for?”

From this, we will be using a lot of time to reflect on our lock-down experiences to think back about the different parts we could show thanks for, for example; being thankful for the NHS and all other Key Workers; spending more time with parents and carers who may usually be busy with work; the beautiful weather that allowed us to spend more time outside.

This is Me also has a focus on our British Values. We will focus on these in some of our every day school routines.

British Values:

  • Rule of Law: We will continue to follow the Good to be Green golden rules alongside the Jigsaw class charter.
  • Individual Liberty: We will have the opportunity to share our views and opinions whilst listening and being listened to by others.
  • Democracy: We will have the opportunity to vote for our TED representatives which will share the thoughts of all pupils.
  • Mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths or beliefs: We will show respect for everyone’s achievements.


  • Spiritual: We will continue to reflect on the schools Christian Values, explore different faiths, feelings and values, participate in daily, virtual collective worship and take part in church calendar events. Our main event for this half-term will be the virtual Harvest Festival in October.
  • Moral: We will support the community by donating to the food bank. We will continue to work as a team effectively to support everyone, with a focus on how we treat others. We will look at how we can make healthy choices in both how we look after ourselves and how we behave in different circumstances, through which we will begin to understand consequences to our behaviours.
  • Social: We will participate in a virtual Harvest festival. We will take part in school and class discussions to support our social skills; these activities will include Outdoor Learning, English, Drama, PE, Dance, Music.
  • Cultural: We will think about our place in a diverse community. We will also spend time listening to stories and music from different cultures.


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