Growing Pains By: Cody simonis

In the process of growing up from a child to an adult, is an individual limited to what they can and cannot do in life? This question is one that someone may ponder in their lifetime as they go through different experiences as they grow up, and learn that there are sometimes consequences to their actions. Stepping stones is a phrase that is associated with each step of life that everyone conquers and overcomes to move onto the next phase of life. Decisions can be hindered by the effects of other decision that are made. Also, decisions can be influenced by watching others make choices or listening to other people’s opinions. Those people around us can impact us emotionally and make us start to change our thoughts and expectations. Those people can either be friends, family, co-workers, teachers, or just random strangers. These people are the ones who make an impression on our life whether we think so or not.

Growing up as a child, we are limited as to what we can and cannot do and the factors that we face. The reason for this, based around our age and the rules that our parents set. We are restricted without choice. Those restrictions are going to be based on the parent’s childhood, and what the conditions of the environment the parents are growing up in. Some limitations that we faced growing up as a child was a set bedtime, what snacks we could eat, activities that we could or could not do, how much TV we could watch, along with what we could watch, among other activities. Having to face limitations like this is hard to do. Also as a kid we are limited by where we can go because we cannot drive, or we are just learning how to ride a bike. Once we learn how to ride a bike we start to gain more freedom and there are less limitations to where we can go. As a child, being faced with limits, and rules like this start to make us gain more motivation to trying harder. With trying harder at things it allows us to overcome those limitations, to give us free range.

Growing up, we were always told to take baby steps when moving onto doing harder activities, or learning new skills that we needed to conquer to help us with the future. An example in that the phrase “stepping stones” is referred to, is learning how to swim and even learning how to ride a bike. When learning how to swim a child is limited from going in the deep end, having to wear a life jacket, and having to wear arm floating devices to stay above water and not drown. While learning to ride a bike, a child is limited on what kind of bike they can get. They have the choice of one with training wheels to learn to balance, or no training wheels. Being faced with limits is what starts to motivate an individual at a young age. Another limit is learning how to swim without the help of a floating device. There are many more examples and other limitations that we face as a child that we soon learn to conquer to have full freedom.

Slowly getting out of the child stage and becoming a young adult brings new limitations. Some examples would be starting to look for jobs, getting a license, turning 18, and applying for colleges. With having to slowly start to take responsibility, it presents opportunities and obstacles at the same time. Finding a job to help us support ourselves can be difficult as we have little work experience. We probably won’t be getting our dream job as we don’t have enough experience in the working world. Having a car will also determine where we can get a job. Another limitation that comes into play when growing up is getting our license. When we get our license it opens up new possibilities, but it also comes with some rules and regulations. The next limitation that some face in life is what colleges we can get into based on our ACT score, how much we can afford, and what we want to go for. If we get a low ACT score, it limits us from getting into big schools, while a high ACT score gives us an open range to pick from.

An individual is faced with limitations on whether they decide to go to college or not. By the route they choose, it will determine their future, and how they can afford to support themselves, or possibly a family. A big limitation that stays with an individual from branching out is still the factor of what job they can get because they have no college degree or work experience. There are many more limitations that come into play with being a young adult. No matter what a student decides to do after high school they are faced with limitations in a variety of ways.

The biggest and most intense things that limit us, start to come in the picture when we graduate college and have to face the real world. The reason for this is the fact we are now taking care of ourselves without the help of our parents every day. There are many risks that play a role in getting older that also play into effect when being faced with future limitations. Also having to overcome those limitations to widen our range experiences in life as an adult is a risk that everyone has to take. The biggest limitation on what we can and cannot do when experiencing the real world is our thought process.

After graduating college, and now having to face the real world along with everything it has to offer, we are still limited in some aspects a way but gain the most freedom a major extend of freedom and what we can do. Some factors that still show a portion of being limited is how much money we have in our bank account. Starting a family, the activities that an individual wants, what an individual wants to do, along with paying off student loans cannot all have limitless possibilities. We are now responsible for our entire lives having to commit to the ability of what we are capable of doing in our life. When one graduates from college, they may consider themselves to be limited by their degree when in reality it gives them so many more opportunities. We are just committed to one area in our degree, but we learned many aspects within that degree that open up doors and other opportunities.

More factors that challenge us, are when we start to have a family. Having to take life slowly raising a child is a big factor that takes a lot of responsibility. Also, with starting a family, and raising a child there is multiple limitations that come along the way. Some limitations with a family, and raising a child are having to set yourself with a weekly expense to be able to have enough money to support. There are more limitations that come along the way depending on the lifestyle that an individual decide to live. Having the options of multiple routes to go in life, we will always hit speed bumps, and those speed bumps are limitations that limit us from the things we want to do.

Overall, an individual is limited being a young child to being a young adult. Not only are we limited then, we are also limited from being a young adult to a grown adult. Throughout life no matter what age we are, we are always faced with previous limitations and new limitations that occur throughout our life. Having to choose what you are going to be limited to comes with the decision that we choose to do within our life. Being able to conquer the limitations that come about will give us more freedom throughout our life. With having more freedom and less limitations, we are able to do much more and not have to fear anything. Also, living up the to the slogan of “stepping stones,” and easing into new limitations that may occur, will help us get over those limitations and be able to do those things without having to fear being limited.

When we were young, we did not get to choose what we were limited to, because our parents had taken control over that, but now being an adult, limitation expectations are what we make it to be with the choices that we make. Only we can limit ourselves to the things we want to do in life, but with choices comes limits. So some may think we are limited as a kid, and growing up in life to becoming an adult, and the answer to that is yes. Getting older, and getting to the real world as an adult from after college or after high school depending on the route one takes, will face limitations no matter what one decides to do. How one is limited is what they decide. Are we limited growing up? Yes we are. How we are limited, is what you decide.

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