Personal Experience At FLMNH By: Caleb Baum

Nature on Display

The most visually appealing exhibit, to me, at the natural history museum was the butterfly garden. The exhibit was in its own section and when you entered the it had a wall of various butterflies that was beautiful. There was a variety of butterflies all shapes and sizes all over the wall and I had not even entered the garden which I heard was even more beautiful. I entered the garden and it was phenomenal. There was an array of butterflies and birds throughout the garden so many that I lost tract. It really caught my attention because it was the only museum with live animals and that was such a unique exhibit from the experience. It was so fascinating having birds and butterflies being inches away from me and being to read about their interesting lives.

This exhibit showed me how beautiful nature can be. We have ruined many aspects of nature by killing thousands of species for our development and misplacing thousands more. Seeing the various species and how fragile they are an importance experiences that many people have when they visit the exhibit. Many times, we see the beauty of nature through other mediums such as photos and television, but seeing it in person adds a different affect to the viewers. Seeing it through other mediums allows people to now get the full affect while being surrounded in an enclosure that exemplifies this beauty is something that cannot be replicated.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold’s philosophy is growing in concern in society. Environmental damage is a common concern due to over exploration of earth’s resources. Humans have been to focused with reeking economic profits now then implementing sustainable plans to profit over a longer period. The effects have been felt worldwide and will be felt for many generations to come. While I was at the Florida Museum of Natural History there was on exhibit that instead of preaching about economic profit and focused more on sustainability, so we can love, respect, and admire the land. The exhibit was the “Home Sweet Home” exhibit.

The “Home Sweet Home” exhibit was focused on sustainability for the future. The exhibit was a small home filled with information on how we could conserve the energy within our household. For most of the suggestion is discussed how that action assist in preserving our environment. For instance, it stated that if we use a cloth line then we save energy because we are not using a dryer. The whole exhibit was proved methods that if people do in small increments then it will allow for a big difference later for future generations. It was shocking to see the variety of activities that many people take for granted that are so simple and can make a small difference. The whole museum taught me the importance of nature and the need to preserve it. We as human have the responsibility to take care of our home and we have been slacking of lately by over-exploitation. If we continue this path of greed the Earth may not be able to stand our needs and we will be rendered hopeless. However, if we address these problems head on we will make life easier on ourselves and many generations to come.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum museum had multiple exhibits that made me step out of my ordinary life. Whether it was from an estuary to a garden full of butterflies. Stepping out of our comfort zone was common in the natural history museum. There was one exhibit that stood out to me as the most different exhibit from our daily life. The exhibit was the Hall of Florida Fossils. This exhibit was by far the most majestic and filled with mystery. I was mesmerized with the exhibit and spent hours reading on the fossils and the creatures that once roamed the lands we inhibit.

This museum assisted us in stepping out of comfort zone of daily life to experience many exhibits that exposed to different elements that we do not encounter daily. The number of fossils and their quality were astonishing and the magnitude of the creatures that once roamed Florida was shocking. We never think of what was here before us because we are always focused on the present and the future. But the museum allowed us to look back in time and see what preceded our existence. This experience fills viewers with a sense of mystery and the majesty of the world and what it may look like in the future. We have come such a long way since these creatures roamed and it’s an amazing aspect that we will continue to develop more over time. It lets us see that in a few centuries we may not even look like how we do right now similar to how we have endured changes overtime to be as developed as we are right now.

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