value, emphasis, unity

climb to your dreams

By Maggie Moulton

1) My artwork is of a man climbing up two mountains to a new beautiful blue sky. The main view point of my artwork is the man that is climbing. The title of my artwork piece would have to be climb to your dreams. The elements i used in my artwork was watercolor and paper towel dabbing.

2) My artwork is just made from me just really thinking about it for a little while. Some techniques i used were dabbing the water and dabbing on the paint with the paint brush.

3) My mom was the one who actually inspired me for this artwork piece. This art-piece actually does express a social issue because a lot of people give up when things get hard the man in the piece isn't giving up and hes climbing up the hill.

4) My goals as an artist are to become better at making things look more realistic. This piece helped me a little bit but i didn't hit my goal perfectly. I didn't hit spot on because the mountains and the person look like cartoons.

5) I learned that when you put a bunch of water on the paper and dip the brush in color and put it on the water it separates around like fireworks. My final piece is what I imagined it turned out as good as i thought it would. It still tells a little bit of a story for me. This piece will show me in future pieces that there should usually be a story behind a piece.

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