The Biography of Stonewall Jackson By Brayden walker

Born in Clarksburg, West Virginia (Then Virginia), on January 21, 1824 Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson an skilled Confederate General under Robert E. Lee. He was born to Jonathan Jackson, his father, and Julia Beckwith Neale his, mother.

Jackson was only two years old when he lost his father and his older sister to typhoid cancer. Stonewall's mother struggled to provide for the three children. After Julia Jackson remarried in 1830 Stonewall and his siblings where forced to move out due to the issues with their stepfather.

Stonewall Jackson's Mother: Julia Beckwith Neale

Jackson then enrolled in the U.S Military Academy at West Point, New York after attending some local schools. In 1846 he graduated from the Academy. Soon after he fought in the Mexican-American War as a 2nd Lieutenant.

U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Jackson faced the challenge of overcoming the military academy even though most of his classmates made fun of his family and education. He also lost his father and older sister to cancer before he really knew them.

Jackson surprisingly wanted his home state (Virginia) to not secede and go to the Union, but obviously they went to the South. Jackson earned his nickname, "Stonewall", at the Battle of Bull Run when his army charged a gap in the Union. He then was promoted to major general.

Battle of Bull Run

Then Jackson was commanded to join General Robert E. Lee's army. They were supposed to keep defending Virginia. At the second battle of Bull Run he defeated John Pope's army by making them think that they were retreating.

The Second Battle of Bull Run

Stonewall Jackson impacted American history in a way that he was so brave that he would die for his state even though it did not make the decision he wanted it to make. It meant to fight for your country no matter what.

Stonewall Jackson inspired me because he did not run when his brigade was running into danger. He was brave and fought even though he knew that he could've died.

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