World of Tanks Free to play Online Game


Free-to-play, Not Pay-to-win

World of Tanks is a free to play MMO(ish) online game. This game is available on all systems/consoles besides Nintendo Products. In World of Tanks you start off with an early WW2 tank from most countries that were involved. You start in a garage were you can see your tanks and the crews that operate them. Here you can file through your tanks, crew, ammunition, consumables, and equipment that goes on the tank to give added boosts. You have to chose a tank and crew before you can initiate battle. Once you select your WW2 starter tank, Tier 1, you battle other online players in a team based death match. A team wins by either killing off the enemy team of tanks, note that there is no respawning, or by capturing a base. After battle you receive credits and xp. This xp can be used to "Evolve" through a tree of tanks for that nation and can eventually reach the top of the tree, tier 10. To evolve you spend xp to research the next tank and use credits to actually purchase the tank. Every time a tank is purchased you have to hire a crew which may or may not cost more credits, depending of the amount of training you put them through. Once you have reached tier ten you go through another branch of a tree to get that tier 10. Wash, rinse, repeat at leisure. This game is meant to be played for fun but does offer competitive gameplay for people who become pros. World of Tanks has clans you can join to participate in tournaments and earn extra rewards. If you just wanna play for fun World of Tanks offers a mode called Platoon. You can team up with up to 4 other people to take on the world together.

Here you see the beginning of the German Tank tech tree. Most of these lower tier tanks actually existed.
Here you see the end of the German Tank Tech Tree. You also see Tier X or Tier Ten/Tier 10 Tanks. The Big and The Bad of German Tanks, some of these tanks were actually real. Others were high tech prototypes that would've changed the war.
When you perform excellent in a tank, you receive marks of excellence. The German MoEs are in sets of 3. Here I have 6 stripes or two MoEs. This means I am in the top 85% of players for this tank.

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