Dynamic Creative Optimization by Adobe Advertising

However, when the average customer journey looks like this, how can advertisers make sure they deliver the most consistent and relevant experience as the customer moves down the conversion funnel?

This is where Adobe Advertising Dynamic Creative Optimization can help.

What is DCO?

Dynamic Creative Optimization is a technology that helps the advertiser deliver the most relevant & personalized display ad in real-time to drive user engagement, conversions and integrated experiences.

Adobe Advertising DCO Features
Granular personalized targeting for all device types
  • Site Retargeting
  • Personalization via Data Feed or API
  • Geo/Local Targeting
  • Real-time creative testing and optimization
  • Mobile (In-app, web, HTML5 ad serving)
  • Customized Features (Countdown, Carousel, Search box)
  • Integrated with Adobe Experience Cloud audiences (AA/AAM)
Flexible Creative Options

No more stuffing your unique brand creativity into cookie cutter ad templates.

  • Custom flexible layouts
  • In-house design team for template
  • Flash & HTML5
  • Data feed driven
  • Real-time testing and optimization
Optimize Experiences with Rules Based & Algorithmic Testing

Set up business rules to test ad layouts, dynamic attributes or values from the data feed. Don't know what to test? Simply let the algo decide.

The DCO algorithm uses multi-variate testing to optimize towards the best performing creative and allows testing up to 5 variable attributes & 64 values each.

Insights and Reporting

Actionable insights and performance reporting to help optimize campaigns.

  • Dashboard
  • Performance reports for Creative, Offer, Product, Media, Match Rate, Audience and more
  • Ad Hoc Reports (A/B Test, Transaction ID)
  • Download or Schedule Delivery
Adobe Experience Cloud Integrations
Integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud Audiences

Audience Segments from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager can trigger creative theme or layout automatically. DCO automatically renders dynamic content like price, product, images, locations and promotional copy based on segment data.

A solution that works across the entire marketing funnel.
A full funnel approach

The Adobe Advertising Cloud allows media buying across the funnel – from brand (TV, video) to performance (display, search). DCO is a truly full funnel approach that enables advertisers to create personalized experiences for display advertising across the entire customer journey.

Adobe Advertising DCO's Future Vision

We are on our way to building the most comprehensive Creative Management Platform that will have deep connections to the Adobe Creative Cloud, flexible ad storyboarding, streamline personalization editing without needing to re-traffic ad tags and much more.

Personalized Experience Every Step of the Way

Adobe Advertising DCO enables advertisers to deliver 1 on 1 personalized display ad creatives for their customers no matter where they are in the customer journey. Optimized for performance, personalization at scale, all with lower costs.

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Sandy Liu

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