Accident Chain... LATICIA

In the kitchen Maria had ingredients everywhere it was really unorganized. Her mom came in and ask does she need help with anything, Maria said "NO" so her mom said call me if you need me but Maria wanted to do everything on her own. Maria was backing a cake she had the cake ingredients everywhere.
Things started to fall on the floor. She started picking them up but didn't pick up the milk spill she had wasted on the floor. She started to mix ingredients after she gotten everything organized, but she never cleaned up the milk spill. After Maria mix all the ingredients she poured it into the cake pan and put the pan in the oven.
Maria mom walks back in the kitchen. Maria say's mom watch out! for the milk spill! Maria mother told her to clean up spills immediately when she first make them. Because she could of fell and could of been injured very badly. Maria told her mother she will always clean up any spills immediately so no one will get hurt.
In Conclusions if you make a mess or waste something clean it up as soon as possible to prevent injuries and falling in the kitchen.

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