A tornado is a dangerous storm with a rotating column of air that extend from a thunderstorm cloud in the sky to the earth's surface.Tornadoes form when warm moist air from the gulf of mexico mix with cool dry air from Canada.When these two subjects mix they make instability in the air.This makes warm and humid parts in the lower part of the atmosphere and possibly a cooler dryer condition in the upper part of the atmosphere.Tornadoes are the most violent atmospheric storms.They usually range for a couple of seconds but the world's longest tornado lasted for 3 hours and a half in the USA.Some very violent tornadoes can cause terrible damage they can damage many things like cars,trees,houses and lots of other stuff.

This video (down below) will talk about the following things:where tornadoes come from, how fast they go, how scientists study them and more.

This is an example of a tornado that happened in a neighborhood in the American state Missouri

We are not sure how tornadoes are formed but here is a video that will show how people know an indication of when a tornado is forming and other interesting things about tornadoes.

Tornadoes also have ratings to determine how much damage they can do and what they actually cause harm to.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts incasse a tornado happens

  • DoLie down in a ditch and don't sit up; go downstairs under your basement (preferably under a staircase); Form into a a ball and cover your head with your hands; Always go to the nearest shelter; stay calm
  • Don't:Go near a window or a door; Stay outside; go near metal; Panic or get really worried

Tornadoes don't just happen anywhere in the world they have high chances of hitting places not so high chances of hitting other places.Some of the countries that get a lot of tornadoes are;northern europe, singapore,philipenes,nepal,bangladesh, japan, australia, new zealand,western china, south africa,america and argentina


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