Tattoos on the Heart By Bridget Langenfeld

Intro and preface

Intro and preface is about the basic facts about the book and what the Dolores Mission and the Honeboy Industries do. Greg talks about how gang members want a job. Luis is my favorite story of theirs section. It was sad how his story had to end when his life was getting better. This story tells us that when we change we have to have that push to change. We can just automatically keep that change for no reason.

Chapter 1- God, I Guess

The chapter is called, "God, I Guess" because a kid was being interviewed and he answered to why homies aren't turned into the police and he said what the chapter is called. I think he called this chapter what it's called because when will was sitting in the car he talked to God. I also think this chapter is called this because it tells us that we have to believe and listen to God to understand Him and we shouldn't push Him away or ignore God. We should accept Him with love. I loved the story of Bill Cain because it shows that we should always take care of our parents no matter what. We should also treat our parents nicely like they did to us.

Chapter 2

Dis-grace is that we have grace and we just don't recognize it. Many people judge themselves too harshly. I think that we should judge ourselves, but be kinder to ourselves. I liked Danny's story because even thought Greg knew he set off the fireworks in his room Grag believed him that he didn't do it. I think that we should try to be kinder to others. We now judge others before we can meet them.

Chapter 3

Compassion comes from within. It's one of the hardest emotions to display and to describe. I liked the story of the inmates. They talked about what emotions were. The hardest emotion for them to describe was commpasion.

Chapter 4

The chapter is called water, oil, and flame. This chapter was called that because of baptism. I think that there is a power to beign baptized. I liked Jose's story. We was the person who would baptize people. I think his story is impowering because he had so much enthusiasm for the church.

Chapter 5

Slow work was the title of this chapter. The meaning behind it is that some times when we wait we get the better outcome. I think that everyone should wait because it just is better if we wait. I liked the story of Jason and his new job. I loved how he was so excited that he got a job.

Chapter 6

Jurestdiction is the name of the chapter. This is because we are in everyone's jurestdiction. I think that we should be respectful to everyone and their surroundings. I loved the story of Chepe and Richie. The only person who the homies viewed as Jesus was the waitress. I like how that was the only person who they liked and everyone else just stared.

Chapter 7

This chapter is called gladness. Gladness is showed because we should always be happy. I think that most people aren't happy because they are always trying to be the best person they can. I liked how Marcos said that his kid was born on his birthday. I love how the homies are most of the time happy for their kids.

Chapter 8

The title of the chapter is success. I think that people try to hard to be successful. I think that you should try hard but somepeople almost kill them selves over it. Success should be yourself deciding the you did it. I liked La Shady's story. I think the story is great because dreams are abstract and I think that there is some meanings to dreams, but sometimes dream mena the world. I loved how Greg just made the meaning of the dream on the fly.

Chapter 9

This chapter is called kinship. I think that we all should get together. The world and society drives us apart. We should always remain together even through the rough parts. I liked how everyone reacted when they heard the Greg got Leukemia. Everyone responded in their own way.

Picture of leukimia


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