Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! I Samuel & II Kings

Scripture references from The HarperCollins Study Bible

Eli to Samuel

I Samuel 1-7

a. Hannah prays for a child.

b. Samuel is born.

c. Samuel is dedicated to God in Eli's care.

d. God self-reveals to Samuel.

e. Eli is condemned for the wickedness of his sons.

f. Ark lost to Philistia and is returned.

g. Samuel becomes judge over Israel.

Samuel to Saul

I Samuel 8-15

a. Samuel leads faithfully.

b. Samuel's sons pervert justice.

c. The people demand a king.

d. Saul is made king.

e. Military success but moral failure.

f. Jonathan leads an attack.

g. Saul is rejected as king.


I Samuel 16-31

a. Samuel anoints David.

b. David's first victory.

c. Saul jealous of David.

d. Jonathan helps David.

e. David on the run.

f. David the mercenary.

g. Saul and Jonathan, R.I.P.

Elisha the Traveler

II Kings 1:1-9:13

a. Elijah is taken.

b. Elisha performs many miracles.

c. Elisha feeds a multitude.

d. Elisha heals a leper.

e. Elisha raises the dead.

f. Elisha chooses a new king to replace Ahab's line.

Kingdoms in Turmoil

II Kings 9:14-17:4

a. Jehu removes cult of Baal.

b. Judah without a king.

c. The temple maintained.

d. Good and bad kings.

Downfall, Revival, and Collapse

II Kings 17:5-25:30

a. Assyria conquers Israel.

b. Hezekiah purifies temple worship.

c. Judah protected from Assyria.

d. Idolatry returns to Judah.

e. Josiah reforms religion again.

f. Judah conquered by Babylon.

g. Jerusalem lost.


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