Who am I Davian Morris

I like to skateboard any chance I get. All I do is sleep eat and skate. I am always happy because I'm always high. I listen to rap and rock, rap when I'm chilling rock when I'm skating. I personally think I have a laid back style ... I dunno.
This is my favorite strain Blueberry Kush

People think of me as a huge pot head. They see me rollin they hatin, tryna catch me ridin dirty. Thats why im in alternative school. People see me skating and know im a skater and they think of me as a good skater. They all know i smoke.

Sometimes i pretend to be BluntMan. Smoke all the blunts and roll all the bud. BluntMan is my superhero i look up to him. Someday i want to roll as fat and tight blunts as him. BluntMan only carries that stickkkkky kushhhhh!!!!

When i get older i want to be a professional skateboarder. It would be a dream come true to have my name on a board. Be inspiring young skaters to skate more it would be the greatest achievement to accomplish being a pro skater. One day I will become one.

I am one person. I am not multiple people. I am not two faced. I am myself.

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