Let's start reconstruction We are almost nothing

Reconstruction Has Begun!

Reconstruction is happening very slowly in the south. Here in Texas, we don't have as much damage but we still have to free our slaves. We have to have this happen because without it, we will be in bad shape in the future

Two presidential plans

Lincoln's plan for the south was very easy to get back in. Only 10 percent had to agree to get back in. He probably would've given the slaves more rights than they have right now. Johnson's plan was a higher set bar and wealthy plantation owners had to have a private meeting. Free black men have almost no rights

Slavery ends in Texas

In 1866, Gordon Granger came to Texas to ratify the thirteenth amendment that abolished slavery. On June 19, 1866 Gordon Granger arrived in Texas. That day is also known as Juneteenth. A lot of former slaves celebrated all day. The freedman's bureau helped former slaves find jobs and get educated.

New Texas governed appointed by Johnson

Andrew Jackson Hamilton was appointed by Andrew Johnson as Texas governor. Andrew Hamilton was appointed because he was a unionist. Freedmen were still not allowed to vote and confederates took place in congress. This congress was very biased against freedmen

A new constitution

The new constitution of 1866 stated that freedmen were free but had almost no rights. A lot of ex-confederates took control in state governments and refused to let them do anything. The black codes gave almost no rights to freedmen and pretty much made them slaves.

Congress takes control

Congress felt like johnsons plan wasn't working because the freedmen were pretty much slaves. The radical republicans were very strict whites against slavery who overthrew Johnson. The radical republicans took control by telling Johnson his plan wasn't working, we need to make something work.

Radical reconstruction begins

Congress made a much stricter plan that freedmen got just as many rights as whites. They also separated the states into districts. The military districts are so that they can monitor the south more closely. The ironclad oath stated that you were completely against slavery and toward freedmen.

Freedmen get the vote

The radical republicans registered freedmen to vote and get equal rights. Almost all freedmen were registered to vote. It would've been all if the kkk hadn't came and screwed things up. The kkk is a group of whites who are against blacks. The kkk didn't only oppose blacks, they opposed carpetbaggers and scalywags because they were for blacks. One time the kkk ran into a black mans home and killed his family. It was hard to watch.

Reconstruction ends

On March 20, 1870, ullyses s. Grant signed something that said reconstruction in Texas was over. Most whites were mad that freedmen were treated as equals. Most freed people in Texas lived near the natives because that was the cheapest land. In 1872 a democratic governor was elected and they will probably stay in power for a lot longer.

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