Drive a life, drive our lives Bus drivers

Have you ever taken notice of the bus drivers who send us to work or school on time?

We complain about how tired we feel due to waking up early in the morning, but not many think about those who wake up even earlier to send us to work and school on time. Most people take it almost every day ,but have we ever appreciated those driving the bus?

Tap in,tap out.Without a thank you, we walk out of the bus.

"Sometimes it is not that we do not want to talk to them(the bus drivers) but there seems to be a barrier between us," said Mrs Christine Chng, who takes the bus to work almost everyday.

However, bus drivers just like the poles in the bus, hold a lot of responsibilities such as ensuring the safety of the commuters. They help to ensure that their commuters got back home safely to reunite with their loved ones after a day of work or school. Since they ensure the safety of many, they deserve a simple thank you.

Even though the bus drivers bring us a lot of conveniences, some passengers barely give a thought about how bus drivers, despite a long day, have to clear up after them.

"I feel that the commuters seem to forget the importance of bus drivers in society. They seem to only acknowledge them as people who drives the bus.” said Fyfie, a 16 year old student who uses the bus to go to school.

Bus drivers work to ensure the survival of their family. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, bus driver Mr Lim Lam Hong said, " I work for my family to earn money for food, necessities and the education for my children."

If bus drivers are very important in the sense that they are a platform for us to travel to work or school, then should we try to give them the respect and appreciation they deserve?

As the day end, it is time for us to reflect on our attitude towards the bus drivers. Perhaps when the sun rises the next day, we could give them a smile to light up their day.

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