Black ops 3

One day Jay moved into his new home.

Jay has black hair and he have brown eyes and he wears glasses sometime and he is tall 6Feet 9 his house is white and his roof is brown his windows are clear blue.

I moved his stuff into has new home and he sleeps in the basement.Then Jay set up his ps4 and he set up everything he had.It was 1hour 31min he was done.Then he play call of duty black ops 3.He went to go play his games then he joined a server."I found a guy that is a troller I kept running then he always get me then I went to hide and he use UAV and then I ran because I knew he would go after me and I was at a good I hiding spot then i got k9 so I wasn't scared anymore but he got me so I was so tired of him so I left the server".

"This is my basement"

"I love playing air soft"."I also love playing football and basketball".I also visit my mom and dad two time each weak"."I love Christmas".I am a secret Santa".I give his dog a treat for Christmas and my dog is name is jelly he a husky"."I'm very smart I still go to school I am also is a actor and am rich".I live with myself and my best friend is Cole we go to the same school and sometime we meet up somewhere"."Cole is also rich but he still live with his mom and dad"."He also good at call of duty and he beater then me he have mor skills than me."My house may be ugly in the outside but it is so nice in the inside is like a maze but not really"."My bed look like this".

"Also my PS4 look like this".



Created with images by Rob Obsidian - "Call Of Duty. Black Ops 3. PS4. 1080.P. Full Gameplay." • Mirage floors - "Maple Sonora [living room]" • Pexels - "bed bedroom closet" • Leon Terra - "Finally gave in to PS4"

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