Time line Gavin

Pearl Harbor Dec 1941

A very beautiful military action, Let the Americans surprise, make American army weak at beginning at naval warfare of world war 2, but it let Americans join the WW2.

Fall of Singapore Feb 1942

Very important battle for Japanese, Singapore is important port in the world, fall of Singapore let more country in the world effect by war.

Coral Sea May 1942

Japanese and Americans fight on the sea. For first time in human history can not see each other warships of the confrontation, the Japanese and Allies both did very well in the battle.

Mid way June 1942

Both sides of army have far-reaching impact. Allies with less wins, defeat the Japanese, and this is the turning point of The Pacific War. Encouraged American Aemy's morale, stopped the Japanese keep going east.

Guadalcanal Aug 1942

Japan has paid an expensive price in strategic and material losses and manpower in the battle of Guadalcanal.

Leyte Gulf Oct 1944

Beat Japan's largest naval battle in history, The naval war destroyed Japanese naval power.


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