Top ten cities to visit in America WHERE I WANT TO GO!

#10- Denver Colorado

In Denver Colorado you can go to the botanic gardens or even the Denver Zoo. You could even visit the U.S. Mint or the Buffalo Bill Museum. I would want to go to the zoo because I love animals and nature.

#9- San Antoino, Texas

In San-Antonio, Texas there you could take a river walk to the Alamo, a mecca of history and night life. You could also go to the San-Antonio Zoo or Six Flags Antonio, But the one place in San-Antonio that I would like to go is Sea world.

#8- Anchorage Alaska

In Anchorage Alaska you can visit the largest indoor water park or dig for dinosaur bones at the Alaska Museum of Natural History. You could also visit with a bear at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. I would want to dig for dinosaur bones at the Museum of Natural History.

#7- Las Vegas, Nevada

In Las Vegas, Nevada you can gambol all night ( If you are 21) or do some shopping at Caesars Palace Forum Shops. You also could ride the roller coaster at New York New York. I would want to ride the roller coaster.

#6- Honolulu, Hawaii

In Honolulu, Hawaii you can sight see at the Manoa Falls or hike the Diamond Head by day and see the Legends in Concert Waikiki by night. You could also visit the Pearl Harbor National Monument. I would like to see the Manoa falls because I find water to be peaceful.

#5- New York City- New York

In New Your City you go to Time Square or even go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could also go see many Plays on Broadway. I would want to go the Art museum because I want to see original pieces of art up close.

#4- New Orleans, Louisiana

In New Orleans you can Go on a Mississippi River Cruise or go to a Mardi Gras festival. You can also enjoy some jazz by night in the French Quarter. I would like to go listen to jazz music because I have always liked the way jazz sounds.

#3- Hershey, Pennsylvania

In Hershey, Pennsylvania you can visit Hershey Chocolate World or Hershey Park. You can also go to Hershey Gardens or go to the Antique Auto Museum. I would want to go to Hershey Park or Hershey Park because they sell the Largest Hershey chocolate bars there.

#2- Orlando, Florida

In Orlando You can visit Disney theme Parks or you could go to Universal Studios! You could also visit Sea World. I want to go to Disney because I want to be at the happiest place on Earth.

#1- Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles you could take a walk on Venice Beach or stroll through the shopping on Rodeo Drive. You can also go on many tour buses to show you some celebrities that live under the Holly Wood sign. I want to visit Los Angeles because that is where I want to live when I am older, from the sunny beaches to the rolling hills Los Angeles is the place to be (if you take out the facttor of earthquakes).

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