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"Technology is something that should be shared, not kept for one to use alone."-Tim Cook Apple CEO

A SIM card is the microchip that allows you to call, text, and use the internet on your phone. SIM stands for subscriber identity module. There are a lot of phones and most of them have different types of SIM cards, come to the SIM card cutting exhibit at the Museum of Technology.

How to cut a SIM card. It's easy as pie!

3-D Printers

Are you bored of printing 2-D things on paper, come to the Museum of Technology and learn how to use a 3-D printer for yourself. It's free to make anything you want with the plastic filament. 3-D printers are very cool devices but it takes a very long time to make things, for example to make a flute it would take almost 15 hours!

Here are some things that were 3-D printed.

Here is a Pikachu made by Flowalistik, you can make one too!

Digital Cameras

Did you know that all of the digital pictures that you see almost everyday are nothing but binary code. According to a estimate by InfoTrend there will be 1.2 trillion digital pictures taken in 2017. This is because of the new portability of cameras in your phones! When you take picture the camera converts light into binary code that can be read by many different kinds of technology.

These are all pictures taken by digital cameras.

Bring your camera and learn some cool tips and tricks about digital photography at the Museum of Technology.

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