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Is it worth climbing Mount Everest?

I believe it is not worth climbing Mount Everest. Climbing Mount Everest is very dangerous, deadly and you're life is put on a huge risk.

One reason why you should not climb Everest is at least 10 percent of the people who climb don't come back down alive. The main reason that people die on Mount Everest IS THEY DON'T LISTEN TO THEIR GUIDE OR INSTRUCTOR or guide. Other causes for death on Mount Everest is Sickness, Hyperthermia,Frostbite, natural causes, or just simply falling of the mountain.

Another reason why you should not climb Mount Everest is it's a very difficult mountain to climb because the I ce ,wind, and snow make it hard to climb and with altitude sickness for most people breathing on top of that makes it extra hard.

Is globalization making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization is making the world stronger it is the process by which many different people come together to do something.

One reason why I think it makes it stronger is it brings people together and gives more people opportunities or jobs. It lets people who can't get money with no jobs get a job and get money. Another reason that it's good is many people get access to a variety of low costing goods from across the globe which has helped more people live.

People are coming together around the world.

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What a good citizen means is an everyday person who either was born in that country or got a passport. They have rights and responsibilities some rights they have come from themselves like walking, breathing, talking., and most important the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is to express any opinions are thoughts without people having to tell you you can’t speak.

They. Also have responsibilities, responsibilities are something you personally have to do like you might have the responsibility to take care of your little brother. Responsibilities help you become a good citizen because maybe you're a governor as your responsibility is to help your state those were a few reasons that describe what a good citizen is like.

What is the difference between limited form of government and unlimited form of government? Limited government is a legal form of government with rule of law, and rights of the minority, and other limits of government. It also doesn't just have one leader the people also helps control the government. Unlimited government has no limits of government. It usually has one dictator take over. An example of limited government is In England the queen follows Rule of law, separation of powers, and Rights of the Minority. She even has a group of people called the parliament to help he lead. A in England they use representative democracy. An example of unlimited government is in Peru, In Peru there was a dictator named Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori did not give the citizens Rights of the minority, and the rule of law is not followed by the country therefore the country does not use or have Rule of law. He took over the government and stopped the constitution from meeting.

The main difference between Limited and unlimited forms of government is whether or not the leader took over the government or had the citizens help build the government.

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What forces work for Supranational cooperation?

Two forces that work for Supranational cooperation are The Trading Bloc and The Common Market.

The Common Market is a agreement of trade that allows Countries in the EU to trade with each other.

Countries will get more goods and they will get it more fairly since they countries will not have to pay tariffs (Taxes) with each other which will unite we them since they don't have to pay as much money.

Another force that works for Supranational Cooperation is The Trading Bloc, the Trading Bloc allows Countries to trade with a participating Country with , less or even no tariffs. It is useful since many of the things you can't get in , your Country and many of these items,goods,etc might only be in one Country so it is very helpful for the countries involved in the trading bloc. When one Country in the EU gets involved and does well in the trading bloc other countries will notice this and join in which will also unite them. These are known as centripetal forces.

There are several forces that work for supranationational cooperation and two of the are the Trading Bloc, and the Common Market. These are bothe very strong examples because when the countries realize that they have to work together by trading fairly with less or no tariffs, then they will work together as one nation.

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How do people adapt to living in the Desert region?

One way people adapt to living in the Desert region is by using coal instead of wool to cook. People use Coal to cook instead of wood because to get wood they have to cut down trees which causes deforestation so they use wood.

Another way people adapt to living in the Desert climate is by wearing long loose clothing. People wear long loose clothing because it protects them from the hot burning sun and sand.

As you can see people have found many ways to adapt and using coal to cook and wearing long loose clothing are just two of the ways.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region? Having a valuable resource affects a region in many ways. One way a valuable resource affects the region is it makes that country or region richer. Valuable resources are usually not very common or are rare since they are valuable and probably very important or useful. Since they are usually rare,Important,or useful other Countries will want they and buy them from the country that has that resource. OPEC is a group of countries who have oil and export to other counties in trade for money, that makes the country's gdp or per capita go up. They use their money to make the country better like building new roads or buildings. Another way it affects the region is it gives people in the region more jobs.

In south west and Central Asia there aren't that many jobs but having a valuable resource like oil needs a lot of work and jobs to help get it sell it and export it. This makes the citizens get richer which helps them as well. Those are two of the many reasons why having a valuable resource affects the region.


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