Tattoos on the Heart By: avery BOrngrebe

Preface and Introduction: Father Greg could've easily done without a preface and without an introduction, but instead he took the time to explain to us a few key points. This is not a book about how to deal with gangs or a memoir about his life. It's a book telling the stories of those who changed their lives for the better. He talks about how Homeboy Industries came to be and who helped out. Father Greg gives a brief summary of what they do to help the homies get back on their feet such as remove tattoos and give them jobs.

Chapter 3 Compassion: The themes of this chapter are sacrifice and joy. I chose these themes because the church is sacrificing their space to house the homeless and others are sacrificing their time to help the homies learn. The other theme is joy because when the other people sacrificed their time space or money, the homies benefited from it and were joyful for their opportunities and experiences. My favorite story from this chapter was the story of Anthony. All he wanted was to be a mechanic and the only one in town, named Dennis, never spoke to anyone. Once Anthony started working with him, Dennis spoke to him and taught him everything he knew. He learned great skills from Dennis all because Father Greg and Dennis sacrificed their time to help him out.

Chapter 4, Water, Oil, Flame: The theme of this chapter is sorrow because father Greg is helping all of the homies deal with their sorrow and grief in different ways. My favorite story from this chapter is the story of Andres. I like this story because this kid has been through so much and just wants to live a good life. I like Andres in particular because when his mom called him garbage, he could've easily hated her, but instead he forgave her. Andres is an example of someone who has such a terrible family life, but decided not to hold a grudge and was the bigger person in the situation.

Chapter 5 Slow Work: the theme of this chapter is new beginnings because Father Greg is telling stories of those who are starting their life over and getting jobs. The story that stuck out to me was the story of Joey. He stood out because he was so immature and crazy. Even though he was aloof, he got a job because he was expecting a child and wanted to be able to support the baby and his girlfriend. He matured in this moment and stepped up to the plate to take care of those he loved.

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