ROAring with Ideas First Edition

A Redhawks Online Academy newsletter built specifically for you and your learners. Each newsletter will be built around the 1-5-15 format. A 1 minute item, a 5 minute item, and a longer 15 minute item, all for your convenience. You choose which item you want to investigate, try 1, 2 or even all 3. This newsletter will be produced bi-weekly and be sent out to you at the beginning of each week.

1 minute

Flipgrid has so many opportunities for students and teachers to interact, no matter the grade level. Take a few minutes to read through this article on Top 5 ways and see if there’s any that you might be interested in completing with your class. I think I would like to try the classmate shoutout idea. So many powerful options, take a moment and see which one would work best for you.

5 minute

Try out this digital scavenger hunt to get your students involved in ways to show their mathematical thinking. This item will take around 5 minutes to read and look through all the amazing possibilities. This resource comes from the Math Learning Center. Which one might you try?

15 minute

A longer read all about student agency and 5 ways to increase engagement during distance learning. Think about how we might engage our students in building skills that empower them to self manage their own goals and build their own self efficacy. A powerful read if you have 15 minutes or so. The resources are extremely helpful.

You all are amazing! Take a view below, this video reminds me of what we are experiencing right now. It's a delicate balance and take care of you as we go throughout this new journey.

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Andrew Kauffman