Aerospace engineering Gabriel woods, 6th period, finished on 2/2/2017

Job title: aircraft design engineer. Career areas: aerodynamics, mechanics, flight mechanics, propulsion, acoustucs, and guidence control systems
Typical job tasks may include: designing aircraft (or part of an aircraft),
Rendering a 3D model of said aircraft,
And testing said aircraft, starting with a wind tunnel, then a small prototype, a full scale prototype, and at last, the final version(s)
Typical wages of an aircraft design engineer fall around $65,000 per year
Most aerospace engineers will spentd their time designing a certain part for a larger project, in an office, on a computer, but some spend their time in a large warehouse, testing parts for an aircraft, or running flight simulation, again, on a computer
Positive aspects of being an aerospace engineer: good pay, you help out a community, you can build aircraft, and there is a high job saticfaction
Negative aspects of being an aerospace engineer: you would have to chance locations commonly for work, and there is a high amount of stress to finish a project
Employment trends: ~6498 annual job openings, 10.2% growth, 90,000 jobs held
Required education: 4 year college/ university, average cost for required education:$33,480
Personal traits looked for in aerospace engineers: math skills, problem solving, IT skills, technical skills, and teamwork
Most aerospace engineers could become good patent lawyers, but if not, they could do great in virtually any other field of engineering
Currently, I am slightly unsure of how I will become an aerospace engineer, but I plan on going to a 4 year university, majoring in aerospace engineering (duh), and flight mechanics, after college, I would hopefully work with Boeing, Lockheed, or McDonald Douglas, eventually, I plan on founding my own company, based on designing, building, and flying experimental aircraft (much like a modern Howard Hughes(minus the mental disorders, hopefully))
Main Sources: career cruising, Wikipedia, and google images

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