The Great Depression By: Abigail Martinez

This picture takes place just after the stock market crash, the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As a result of this many Americans lost their jobs and the stock market was losing it’s value. The stock market was not a great place to be involved in because of its crash.

These people do not have jobs or money and the are riding in the box cars of the trains. They are trying not to get caught because if they did they would have been in a lot of trouble. “By 1932 United States industrial output had been cut in half. One fourth of the labor force—about 15 million people—was out of work, and there was no such thing as unemployment insurance.”These people in the picture are one of the many families affected by the Great Depression.

This rap does a very good job in describing what happened during the Great Depression and also how people were impacted. This describes how many Americans lost their jobs and some even lost their houses. People did not have enough money because they lost their jobs. As a result of this people had to sell or give their houses to the bank.

Created By
Abigail Martinez Perez


Created with images by - "Migrant Mother"

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