How do eye glasses with coloured lenses help people with dyslexia read? by. Priyanka Sembhi

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a visionary disorder that children are born with that make reading and understanding words, letter, numbers and symbols very difficult. It has no cure yet there is a way where dyslexic people can read; Coloured lenses. Dyslexia effects reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics and writing. Dyslexia is not the same as Irlen Syndrome though. The symptoms for this is a little extreme. It effects your education and ability to learn, behavior, concentration and the ability to sit still.

What are coloured lenses and do they work?

A coloured lens is a lens that is put into glasses to help correct dyslexia while on. They come in a variety of colours but not all colours work on everyone because the colours bend and block light differently so they flow into your eye to read clearly.

People may think its a placebo effect but there is a science behind it. As mentioned above, the lenses bend and block light so when it goes into your eye you would be able to read and understand what your reading as well.

How and why do coloured lenses work?

Coloured lenses help block out white light. White light causes a glare which makes it harder to read. These glasses also change the angle of light that goes into your eyes which also makes it easier to read. It’s easier for dyslexics to read words on a coloured backgrounds but that’s not always accessible so the glasses would mimic the coloured background.

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