Life of Pi movie vs. book

The book was very detailed about whats goes on. Your always waiting of what he is going to do. The author really made you want to keep reading the book. When I was reading the book it brought so many pictures in my mind of whats going on in the story. Through out the book you get very close or attached to the characters especially for me Richard Parker ( the tiger ).

The movie, Life of Pi is an outstanding inspirational film that inspires in to new heights. It is an eye catching movie and it shows the feeling and thoughts of the main character Pi. The scenes in the movie will leave your mind wondering and thinking about what will happen next. Also the scenery in the film were very eye catching and enjoyable.

The difference between them would have to be that at the beginning of the book it goes in depth and detail in the beginning before he even gets on the boat. When they were talking about the religions he was interested, they dragged it on a little more than I was interested in. In the movie they mentioned it and showed it but it was better about getting to the point.

The one I thought was better would have to be the movie. I am personally a movie person but the book did come close of being my favorite. In the movie it really touched me the struggles he went through and how he was reaching out to God and hoping he was there to help him. Just to see how everything unfolded was amazing. Anyone who watched the movie they will have learned something or have been touched very deeply by the hope and courage he had.

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