The Daintree Rainforest australia

The Climate of the tropical rainforest in austrailia

  • Average Rainfall: 145 inches a year
  • Max Rainfall: 345 inches
  • Min Rainfall: 104 inches
  • Average temperature: 79 degrees fahrenheit
  • Max temperature: 98 degrees fahrenheit
  • Min temperature: 48 degrees fahrenheit

2 Seasons. Wet and Dry. Wet season being December to April and Dry season being mainly during may to September.

  • Tropical rainforest tie with swamps and estuaries for the most net primary productivity than any other biome. they also have the highest rainfall than any other biome with at least 60 inches of rainfall a year. covers only 11% of earths land surface.

Soil Quality

Not very nutrient rich soil because it is a tropical rainforest.

Tramp ants are an invasive species that were accidentally introduced after cyclone yasi. they destroy ecosystems by attacking, blinding, and killing invertebrates and vertebrates.

The cassowary is located in daintree and at one point stooped to as low as only 54 remaining. It became endangered after many of them were killed by traps laid by people trying to kill the feral dogs in the area (Overhavesting) and they also got killed by the invasive feral dogs themselves (Invasive).

Animals in Daintree Rainforest

The crocodile is from the reptile family, and has a cold-blood system which means it needs to regulate it's own body temperature closely. For this reason, it is common to see a saltwater crocodile lying still with its mouth gaping - a cooling process to maintain body temperature between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius.

A large, web-spinning species, the golden orb spider (Nephila edulis) belongs to a group of arachnids known as the Araneomorphae, or ‘true spiders’. These spiders have fangs that close from the side, much like pincers, and enable them to bite with force.

The Musky Rat-Kangaroo gets its name from the way it moves along the ground - half kangaroo jump and half rodent walk. The creature begins a hop forward by extending the forelegs, and then it brings the hind legs forward. This is an effective way of traversing the uneven ground of the rainforest

Plants in Daintree Rainforest

Named the idiot fruit, its seeds produce poison that have been known to kill animals that attempt to consume the plant.

This is a giant of the rainforest. The Blue Quandon is an integral part of the rainforest canopy layer, hiding the sun from plants below it. It has a blue fruit about 3cm in diameter.

This tree is known as the stinging tree because It has large leaves that look harmless, but they are covered with thousands of microscopic pricks that embed themselves into skin if touched. And these itch like crazy. So just remember not to touch them because you'll go through a lot of pain and trouble!

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