Jack Warren Mathis By: KATHERINE Wilson


Jack W. Mathis was born on September 25, 1921 in San Angelo, Texas. He was awarded the Medal of Honor because of his bravery in the war. He was in the Army for many years and was killed by wounds in his arm and his stomach by a bomb that he set in Germany. He managed to get back to the aircraft but soon died after he got on. He was one of the most brave soldiers in the army at the time.

Medals From The Army

He was one of many people killed in the war. After he died he inspired many of the people in the army and his team that day to keep going and still inspires many people in the Army today.

More Facts

Born: September 25,1921 in San Angelo,Texas

Died: March15,1943 in Bremen Vegesack, Bremen Germany

He died in World War II

Awarded: Purple Heart and the Medal of Honor.

He completed fourteen missions.

Many places are named after him

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