BHS BULLETIN Thursday, February 13th, 2020


Boom Boom chicken, French fries, and Green beans

  • February 17 - No School!!
  • February 18 - Chicken fajitas w/ chips, Peppers & onions, and Pinto beans
  • February 19 - Pizza sub sandwich, French fries, and Leaf lettuce/tomato/pickles
  • February 20 - Walking taco
  • February 21 - Baked Ranch chicken, Fried potatoes, Sweet peas, and Homemaderoll


Seniors, MAKE SURE THAT YOU are apart of the Project Graduation Remind 101 MESSAGE GROUP! to join, just Text "@27CEFFK" to 81010!

Any 10th or 11th grader would like to be a library aide, please send them to the north or main library to get an application. This must be completed before they can sign up for that.

Senior Graduation supplies will be delivered March 17th in the main building at the high school.

If you are a high school student who is not currently in High School Choir but are interested in one of these classes next year, please go to the choir room in North 201 and see Mrs. Thomas BY THE END OF THE DAY TODAY!!

If you're interested in joining the Orientation to Teaching I & II class next school year, please see Mrs. Wolff in CT 137 to pick up an application.

Students who are registering for the ACT Test Prep on March 7th should make your payment at The Counseling Center no later than TODAY! The cost is $50 for the day. Head to the counseling center if you have any questions.


  • BHS Coffee Shop Patrons - please remember that our coffee shops are a privilege for our students. Please use your manners when ordering and receiving your drinks. The drinks are made on first come first serve basis, so be aware of your time. And lastly, sometimes we have to close for a variety of reasons, so check the door for a sign whether it is open or closed.
  • Students are not to be in their cars, nor are they to be moving their cars during the school day.
  • The District will insure that drinking water is available without charge to all students throughout the school including, but not limited to, in the District’s food service areas. Students are allowed to drink water in class. No outside drinks are allowed except bottled water in clear containers with a screw top lid.
  • Cell phones and smart watches, that allow students to text message on them, are considered an extension on their cell phones. If students are texting on their watches, they will be taken up, along with their phone.
  • Students get 8 absences per semester. An absence is an absence whether the student is sick or has personal business to attend to. Just because a student has kept up with his/her doctors' notes, those appointments will still be counted as an absence. The only instance a conference would be held with the student and his/her parent is if the student experiences an event which requires a succession of days out which would make the student go over his/her 8 days. (such as a hospital stay)
  • Students are dismissed only by an intercom announcement at the end of 8th period.
  • Make sure you're aware of the new school policies in the handbook this year, including no outside beverages, dress code, and cell phones. Check out the handbook to get all the detailed information.



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Matt Jenkins