United states DEPARTMENT of agriculture By: Dalton Hines

Who is the current leader of this agency?

The current leader of the of the USDA is Tom Vilsack he is the 30th secretary of agriculture

What is the website for this agency?

When was the agency established?

The USDA was established on May 15, 1862

Why was the agency established?

The agency was created in order to progress the United states agricultural development. today it does pretty much exactly the same thin but the governments hand in agriculture has changed since the agency was originally founded.

What are some of its duties and responsibilities?

The main duties of the USDA is helping american farmers with price support subsidies as well as food inspection to ensure safety of the american public.

How does this agency attempt to address market failures?

the main way that this agency tries to address market failure is that it subsidies some crops and agricultural products so that it is more profitable for the farmer. this is because if farmers only produced crops that the market deemed valuable then there would only be a limited number of agricultural products. if the government subsidies these agricultural goods it allows the general public easier access to them.

What obstacles is the USDA facing currently?

Some recent issues that the usda is trying to address is allowing the easier access to healthier foods. They are also trying to address food labeling by making it much easier for the general population to understand what is in their food.

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