Brady, Veronica & Carson Already in our hearts, someday in our arms.


We are a family from southwest Kansas praying to find our missing puzzle piece that will complete our family through adoption. As you scroll through our page you will see lots of love and laughter, and we hope we can touch that certain spot in your heart, just like you will to ours. Adoption is something that has changed our perspective on life and we are looking forward to every moment of this process.

Dear Birth Parents

A parent's love is the very definition of unconditional love. It is putting your child's needs above all else. It's about sacrifice and hard work. It's knowing that no matter how old your child is, what they are doing, or where they may go in this world, that you will always love them beyond all words.

We will never doubt the love you have for your child and we are mindful of the decision and sacrifice you are considering. Through open adoption, we are eager to learn all of your hopes and dreams that you may have for your child. We hope to give you comfort in knowing that your child will be loved from the very beginning.

With Love,

Brady, Veronica & Carson

Meet Brady!

I grew up in a small town in northwest Kansas. Many summer days were spent riding bikes around town and exploring with friends. I am an avid outdoorsman and grew up hunting and fishing as much as I could. I grew up going to church every Sunday. In addition to attending church every Sunday, I was involved in Sunday School, the youth group, choir, and the bell choir. I have one sister who is younger than I am.

Ready for Church.
Giddy up Dad!
Fishing in the Mountains.
Family Picture.
One of many successful hunts with my dad.

High School Years

High school was a busy time for me. I played football and threw javelin all four years, and played basketball for two years. I was also very involved in FFA, being an officer for two of the four years. Between sports, class and friends, high school was a very busy time.

Bottom right picture: I threw javelin in college for two years at Fort Hays State University.

Meet Veronica!

I was born and raised in a small town in western Kansas. With two older brothers, I was the baby of the family; and yes, I was the baby that was always picked on by my older brothers. They actually wanted to send me back to the hospital when they found out I was a girl, but as we grew we began to actually like each other. Nowadays, kids and busy schedules prevent us from being as close as we would like but I know, no matter what, they are always there for me when I need them. I grew up in a great neighborhood with lots of children. We would build forts, play hide and seek, and all kinds of sports. We also grew up with a big creek right in our back yard that we would sled down during the winter and fish in the summer time. I was always surrounded by lots of friends and family throughout my childhood and wish the same for our children as they grow up.

Brother Ben and I enjoying an evening stroll.
All the family together getting ready to go to church.
"Look Mom I caught a fish."
Helping Dad mow.
Family picture for my brother's 8th grade graduation.

High School Years

High school was all about sports and friends. I played volleyball all four years of high school and basketball for three years. Coming from a small town all we had to do for fun was focus on our sports and our social life, of course.

Meet Carson!

In 2010, my life changed. I gave birth to my son Carson. He was my very unexpected blessing and I thank God for him everyday. Without the love and support from my family and friends, especially my parents, I know we wouldn't be where we are today. This little boy has lit up my life with every breath he takes. Not only is he learning from me, but I am learning from him as well. He has the biggest heart that any little boy could have which has changed me to be better person as well. He is kind, playful and just has a whole different perspective on life. He loves to be outdoors. Everything is more fun for him when he can just run wild and free. He cannot wait to be a BIG brother some day.

Why can't they stay little forever?
Momma's boy!
Happy Fall Ya'll!
Carson and Brady the morning of "our" wedding as Carson would say.
Carson holding his new baby cousin "Emmy"
Carson with his championship medal from Farm League baseball.

Our Love Story

Here is a little snap shot of how Brady and I met and how we got to where we are today.

Our Hobbies!

When we are not busy with our day-to-day jobs or Carson’s school and sports activities, Brady and I love to have hobbies. Brady likes to hunt, fish and grill, and I would enjoy a full day of shopping with pedicures or a craft day with Carson. But one of our hobbies that we enjoy doing together is going camping. Since Scott Lake is only 10 miles away, it’s easy for us to pack up the camper and get away for a weekend of fun.

One thing we love the most about our little family is that we love being together and being able to take vacations. Our favorite vacations typically consist of camping but we like to do more exciting/ thrilling vacations as well. Throughout this adoption profile, we hope you can see that no matter what our family comes first and that we always try to keep family close.

Our 1st vacation together. Kansas State Fair.
1st Colorado Camping vacation.
DISNEYLAND! Carson’s 5th birthday/Honeymoon. This was by far our favorite vacation!
Carson's 6th Birthday at Sedgwick County Zoo.
Camping at Estes Park, Colorado.
Our first KU basketball game.
Branson, Missouri with Veronica's family.
Our first KC Royals game.
World's of Fun in Kansas City for Carson's 8th birthday with Brady's Family.

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Let's get together!

We are so glad you took the time to visit us through this page. If you are interested and would like to meet with us, please contact Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas with any questions or concerns. They are the best of the best to work with and they really care about you and what is best for you. I know southwest Kansas seems really far away but don't worry: Catholic Charities can assist you from anywhere and with any agency. No matter what, they find a way to make adoption possible.


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