Shen's Precious Clocks & Watches A collection by Peter Shen

On display January 10 to March 28, 2020

Scientist and photographer Peter Shen takes on the role of curator to explore the rich artistry, engineering, and history of time pieces. This ensemble of carefully selected clocks and watches represents distinct moments in the advancement of measuring time. Discover innovations in engineering and design that tell the story of how clock makers addressed evolving attitudes about time and punctuality.

Peter Shen

Peter Shen earned a Bachelor of Science in 1982. He moved to the U.S. from Shanghai, China, in 1984 and received his master’s degree from Tulane University. He worked for seven years as the Branch Supervisor of the Texas State Department of Health Lab. He served as Chairman for City of Austin’s the Immigration Affairs Committee. He received the Outstanding Community Leadership Award from the University of Texas at Austin and the Joe W. Neal Outstanding International Leadership Award. He currently serves as Senior Advisor to US Weekly News, Vice Chairman of the Popular Photography Exchange Association of America, Chairman for the Texas Commerce Alliance, and Chairman for the Travis County Citizenship International Program. Shen has visited 55 countries and published six books. He is an avid antiques collector. His collections and photography have been featured at the Dougherty Arts Center, the Austin History Center, the Asian American Resource Center, and FotoATX.

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